Welcome to the Summer Writing Season. Join me?


Moments after grades have cycled through
the world of electrons and the smarter phones, three
students’ status happy like me that the semester ends…
well. Two more, fighting cocks, will consider
how important listening is for others and
how fleeting Facebook and chatting with colleagues.

In the long-term, nothing will come of this recent past.
A few more rejections from publishers, a life lesson
learned…perhaps…an answer in the endless pursuit of trivia,
a one-up on the guy who doesn’t study English or anything
that requires reading. A goodly number will get sucked in
to the latest mom porn and download it to the Kindle so
the fifty shades of I’ve seen that will ring true.

For me, the summer begins
and rest will move, a squatting, one-eyed toad
a stretch beyond a dirty fingernail.

–Sukany 23 May 2012

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