Feeling an Amazing Experieince:
Flying High

The amazing experience
Flying high in the sky

Clouds passing by as
The sick icky feeling come into play

Excited but at the same time scared
Of what happens next

Feeling like a kid again
Standing straight up

Looking out the window
Trying to find the amazing Disney World

Feeling like never going to arrive
But when we did we enjoyed every minute

A Thorpe
my daughter

born on that day
the most exciting
and scariest days of my life.

to go to the hospital.
My mother stayed
the entire day.
 I did not scream

this hurts.
 After twelve hours
my beautiful daughter arrived.

I held her for hours
 most joyous
my whole life.

M Rohrbach

It’s as if I am a bystander,
Not a part, just
Looking in to see them.

All the relaxing days,
Salt water swims,
And sand between the toes.

Every day, it’s another
Adventure and show,
Good food and brilliant sun.

I want to be a part, not just
Looking in to see them.
But then I see me, I am a part,
Its not just them.

I am completely captivated,
The adventures and shows,
Good food and brilliant sun.

Now, however, it is time to go,
On to the next adventure and show,
Ready for the next exciting experience.

S Stepp
She Leaves 

My blue house weeps, too,
through the rear view window.

Shasta baby worries,
her rocking eyes blink,
tears fall on the seat.  

My new dress hopes,
in patchwork colors,
dreams of acceptance pressed sharply. 


A different child leaves, 
a trash bag at her feet,
but still me.

No one’s home,
just a trailer to leave.

B Cross
8000 miles to Wasteland

Under the searing heat,
as the sun kisses my skin to unfamiliar shades,
thoughts trample my heart.
Carelessly roaming the wasteland,
this desolate existence,
I’m 8000 miles from all that seems important,
all that I know and love.

This wasteland reflects apathy and frustration, 
intolerable sentiments.
Raging dissatisfaction echoes, 
imitating this loneliness like a spoiled child.
I sit still and I listen, beyond these immediate sounds
to hear
the parched wanderer is never really alone. 

N Ward