Poems based on Greatest Gift


Cupid’s Point

The black, fuzzy toy poodle sits on the bed

all curled up, perched between sheets and pillow,

whining behind the bedroom door, awaiting her in red

her in baby-blue eyes and soft, flawless skin,

designer-girl looks and long, blonde hair,

whose loving touch stills my bark.

---A. J. Roller

Early April Morning

Twenty years ago, who would have thought,

nine months of sacrifice would bring a

Laughter desirin’

God seekin’

Road-trip lovin’

Music listenin’

Insulin needin’

Diet Coke wantin’

The Office watchin’

High School graduatin’

Facebook cravin’

Guitar playin’

Math majorin’

College graduatin’

High School teachin’

Parent thankin’


--R Whitlock


Youthful Garage Work

Just below the hangers,

drawers and pegs

beg for something to hold.

Oil soaks a hand-made workbench

and tools and air guns and bits and wrenches.

All left out of their place. All did not need it.

Evan’s little hands are also there

trying best to clean themselves

but spreading evidence to shirt

and pants and wide-eyed face.

The towels come out

and begin to clean

both boy and tools.

Grandpa and Dad

just hug the lil’ fool

hoping he’ll come again.

---L. Kemp



Standing in the ring

we square off

and start to circle

We exchange customary

jabs and crosses,

crosses and jabs

Like lightning bolts to my head

he steps in

throws his fists

staggering me as if smitten

but as he approaches for the kill

faster than lightning, I wound his conceit

---B. Cavner

Two Boxes

From overtime in the shoe room

the first box is worn and faded

with corners rounded from rough handling.

Inside this Outdoorsmen Bass Pro

box, dull leather boots

make her feet look like Kodiak paws

and her legs feeble and skinny.

So my gift brings a half frown and glassy eyes.

Six weeks later, we hike miles

through runny mud and wrinkled oaks,

down cool river valleys,

up steep, stone-covered hills

to uncover her perfect rock.

---A Barnoskie