A reason for pride . . .
With a Net and a Ball
To me it’s nature
With a net and a ball
My town and culture,
I’m going to show all.
I wait patiently
For the ball to arrive,
I’m preparing mentally
From the penalty kick line.
I use my feet
To kick and score
The “beautiful game” is a futbol league
But just a bit more.

W Snow
Today’s Pride

A badge makes you a leader
so people can follow

A badge boost your confidence
because no one is like you

A badge makes you
respect yourself

Z Jennings
The Trap
Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall.  Proverbs 16:18
Crisp air
Fresh cut grass
A white ball
A sharp pass comes to me
Then, bang! The ball goes hard
Into the net
Celebrations and back pats
Follow me all the way
To the bench
So many proud faces
Around me and my teammates
Happiness and pride
Then the devil of the moment:
The Referee and his whistle
With malice and hate
At least those were
My feelings
Pride was boiling

A Hyndman
Having Pride   

You thought you had it all,
Never occurred that--you could fall.
You didn’t realize you were missing something,
Until you heard a voice in your head—hinting,
Whispering, “where is your pride?”

Pride can be the money you possess,
Or a reaction to your success.
But is worldy possessions the source of pride,
With no one by your side whispering.
“Where is your pride?”

N Becerra

Hidden Harmfulness

a gentle cloud floating in the air
quietly shading the earth

is the very same cloud
that could produce devastation

innocent but dangerous
like the pride in ourselves

M Schmelzle

A man takes pride in what he’s done       
building bridges, forging roads
He takes pride in victories won
even still his work corrodes

A man blasts out his triumphs past,
boasting of his conquests near
Knowing that his deeds won’t last
and another's trumpet will soon ring clear

A man salutes his nation’s flag
and follows still its ancient creeds
As burden builds, starved shoulders sag
who then harkens a beggar's pleas

A God who hears each beggar's cry
a virgin sang a lullaby

R Davis
Reflections of Pride

as boastful as the frog in a pond 
rippling the water like waves,
making a show of himself but also
as humble as a flower that grows in the field
not demanding attention but rather
waiting for something to come along and notice
the way it grows with grace and humility

K Peak
Chasing My Own Glory

I take credit for my feats
I want the world's eyes on me
So that all will see my deeds
And celebrate my victories

The more I run
The faster I will be
The medals I have won
Give satisfaction to me

Someone gave these gifts to me
And He blessed me with opportunity
Why do I at look so pridefully
And try to beat humility?

L Mock

Pride in self
         in culture and upbringing
         in worn hands full of cuts and puss

         in glazed  buckets on red sand
         in rusted machetes

         in clay houses
         in rice and sugar cane
         in Christmas clothes
         in warm beds
         in running faucets
         in realized dreams

K Momah
Systems Locked In

Grab the bat, all systems locked.
Press tongue against the leaves tightly packed.
Kiss the Cross pre-at bat and
say a few prayers.

Send the ball soaring
listen to the crowd roaring.
In baseball this feeling’s the brightest,
determination at its finest.

C Canterbury
Feeling of Pride

Pride comes from the past
After hitting the ball high over the grass
Stay in the box, watch the pitcher drop his chin
Slowly jog between the chalk lines with this win
Enjoy the feeling of an at bat completed
Strive even more, when defeated

T Slawson
A Reason for Pride

… begins a very deep
sentence philosophical and possibly theological
People tend not to be prepared for such
deep questions on spur of the moment

As a result
a fair response is to discuss
how maybe the question does not deserve
much of an answer just yet

Nonetheless, Paul declares that
a reason for pride is anything
which brings Christ glory

D Gillie
A Gesture of Kindness

A completed task
so small
or so large
anyone can be proud

raspy beard
hand-me-down clothes
no one knows how far
a helping hand goes

P Burke May 8 2015

A wise one once told me . . .
(Romans 8:28- All things work out)

  I was young.
               I worried about every little decision
    I had no plans, no direction.

        Then, I read the verse that changed me.   
  Then, I was challenged to love diety.
Then, I submitted to the thought.
Then, he took care of me, just as he taught.

T  Savage 5/12/15
Trying in Life

Many people win, or do not try
When something bad happens, don’t
Roll over
Lie down, or
Give in.

Ask for help
Beg a friend
Even, ask your enemy
Someone else will help who
Has been through it,
Beaten it, and
Dealt with it

When you beat it, be happy
Gather friends
And rejoice in life
When you win, you live, or do not try

M Bledsoe – 5/12/15

God has given us so many things,
our family specifically.

We take for granted all the things
we experience every day--

the beauty in nature,
the opportunity to live

the experience of all His works--
and it’s not until we really get

to know Him that we truly understand Him,
and can thank Him for the family we have.

B Toebben 5/12/15
Chicken-Fried Wisdom

I do not rhyme
And I’m not a poet
But I shall try to take this time
To express this strange wisdom

I’ve never committed the act
Only heard from those bolder
But the results were rather less than pleasant
I’ve heard from those older

I know, my father told me
I cannot explain why
No example, it is much too vulgar
But frying chicken naked is extremely unwise

C Murphy
Reader Differences

Avoid top 10 to fail English
He told me to do
And recognize the difference
Between the readers

Passive and active
He told me so
Is the main difference
To avoid the fail

Y Doering
Something More Than Talent

Early on the diamond was like a home
And through the years talent in class was shown

During many early mornings and late nights he
was never alone. There was a father

to catch and to coach, to form the man
he would be. Goals were set and plans made to

achieve a dream. A’s must be earned through work
on the whiteboard While on the mound he must

put zeros on the scoreboard.
He wanted to be a star and to make a college team.

If the zeros stay only on the field
and not in school, he will succeed

Q Appletoft
Live Each Day

… like it’s your last
like you won’t be able to take
another breath
or see another Destin sunset.

We all crave the warmth
And beauty it brings.
But also a desire to live,

Not just live,
but to live for the moments
that take your breath away.

Live for the heartwarming moments.
Live for that happy,
red, yellow, and orange
Destin sunset.

B Cudworth
Strong Hands

Some men have weak hands.
Some men refuse to seek
help for their crippled claws.
The same men will not lead,
somehow, find the strength
to make you trip.

Fiddling their thumbs,
they may seem content.
They hide their hands behind their backs.
They don’t need them, but we need ours.

Grasp the Truth
Lead with strong hands.
Life prospers in their palms.

E Renner
It’s Enough

The goals we have
won’t always equal
what we might want,
It’s always enough.

Every time we
achieve a goal
we should count it,
It’s always enough.

When obstacles are
too big, or
too small,
It’s always enough.

The smallest amount
of prizes,
or rewards,
It’s always enough.

Our finished goals
is worth something, it
might be our last,
so take every achievement
and make it last,
It’s always enough.

J Stanley
A wise man once told me

Properly prepare myself
A poor performance is nowhere in sight
Work harder than my neighbor
My future has potential to be bright

Fall in love with getting better
No one can stop the grind
When it’s all said and done look back and ask
Was the work I put in worth my time?

R Shaw

The lens
does not

develop a point and shoot
into extraordinary,
it takes
and exposure.

B Russell

I seen rocks being sold
Neighbors’ property being stole
Kids I grew up with now with no soul
17 years old already on parole
Gangs roam the streets and a innocent live is just a toll

Witness the death of your coach by his own son
Or basically looking into a barrel of a gun
Where it’s dangerous for kids just to have fun
Now think deep inside to where you come from
Cause we just out here being stupid and dumb 

Wake up to your teammate telling you Dennis just died
Punched a hole in the wall because your tears wont be denied
Try to act strong but you know you wanna cry 
Try to feel upbeat so you just sit there and lie
Stupid kids in Memphis said they gon get out but never try

But look at the people we admire
Our young applauds those that spray bullets as a job
Kill people over colors or simple words like Crab and Slob
Fighting over a block they don’t even own
And what’s sad I know most of them, yes, some even been in my home

But that’s just a life of stupid kid from Memphis Tennessee
First 48 known…Memphis Tennessee
Where somebody can get shot and everybody run…….
not for cover, but see the body
Like its on display at the Peabody

So don’t say I didn’t warn when Lil Rome run up with a twenty two Ask you for your watch and shoe
Then next morning you’re the headline…… “Breaking News!!
And no one talks because we all know the “No Snitch Rules”
Memphis Tennessee were the people who should love you give you the blues

But we’re just stupid kids from Memphis, Tennessee

J Molden
The Years to Change
A young child who understands little
Grows too old and begins to realize the sights he sees 
A world he does not want to know to forget what he knows
He knows what he knows and always shall
He could never know anything
Words could never make sense to his senses
A world always changing spinning round and round
He knows what he knows and always shall
He begins to fight to change his views 
Standing up for what he believes to believe
Fight for the thoughts, ideas that begin to hope for hope
Saying the something’s that he knows and explaining his own mind

He knows what he knows and always shall

J Zuern May 7, 2015
Controlling the Storm

Little things circle her
Storming without end

She was given advice
Knowing she had to listen

There is a time
There is a place

She takes hold
In charge at last

There was only one way to know
It had to work fast

She gave it all to Him
Giving up her Pride

He’s got it now
No need to fear
The storm is under His control
He is always near

M Smith  May 7
In Our Hands

A weapon like chalk
    conquers adolescent unintelligence--
        educate the youth.

A sharp scalpel
    slices skin on the table--
        save the salvageable.

A leather briefcase
    holds the fate of one’s judgement--
        preserve the innocent.

Let’s all come together
    to attempt the future,
        cross the bridges we build.

-Haley Pursley  5 May 2015

My affliction began . . .
the educator

our choice    our voice

the preparation
a child    an adult

the silence

E Davis
The Difficulty of Writing
As I sit in the classroom
Staring at the blank paper.
My professor stands there anxiously
 waiting for me to finish.
The nerve start to kick in.
What if my professor won’t understand
What I’m saying,
thinking what I have written
 is a mistake?

The question is swirling
As I sit in the classroom.

D Starich
The Decision

Do I want a good team
Or good weather

Playing Close to home
Or far away

But the only thing
That matters
Is a big scholarship

C Sneed
The Good Life

A country boy can’t think of grammar and numbers.
He is set on those fish and deer
    he is going to chase once the weather gets right.
He likes to sit on back roads thinking to himself
School was never a big interest to him.

J Watt
Lightless Horizon

Some days,
Indubitably dim with apprehension,
Were onerous to cherish.
My exuberant youthfulness
Was grasping for its air in me.
I could not,
For all the copious amounts
Of energy I possessed
Within myself,
Figure out what my life
Was going to mean.
Or perhaps,
What existence meant
In that very moment of definition.

I knew that my survival was going
To be something suitable
To a girl such as me.
But the horizon seemed to
Already be in sight
For others with years on me,
And I was barely holding on
To the hope of a better life.

Because this time
I knew I was slipping further
And further
Away from what I wanted to be
From where I imagined myself.
But perhaps,
It was all okay.

B Baum – 07 May 2015
A Terrible Schedule

Scheduling is a struggle
Never felt this way before
Trying to cool down
But I can’t

Outside, a mist of
Cool spring air
Soaking in every bit of sun
Tanning while I can

Relaxing on my comfy hammock
Paper is tearing me apart
Loosing frustration in my head
Selfish without a care

Flustered mind
Something easier
Something simple
Excuses, excuses, excuses

I wasn’t done, I got this
Getting help…friends
Not giving up

Moving along the twisty route
Open-minded, clear, and full of life
My dread-like semester
Came to a sudden breeze.

K Clemmer
A Cruel Disease

Every time I arrive
She smiles and says hello
As if she remembers me from yesterday
But I’m aware she doesn’t know

She may not know she loves me
But she loves her pink rocking chair
And for all she has done for me
The least I can do is sit down, brush her hair

When she asks who I am
Or why I am on her bed
I’ll gently remind her I’m her grandson
And return the brush to her head

H Hisky 10 May 2015
Not Two but Three

Buttons should come
only in threes
three three three
never two no

one plus two
not twos not
fours but one
plus two or

four minus one
three three three
my O.C.D.
diagnosed at three

but really at
two but I
like three not
two, but two

plus one I
like three but
the world does
not--train tracks

popsicle sticks
roller skates
nothing comes
in threes

J Sanders

I chose Taylor
I used him
as a form
of crack

All the usual addiction signs
stress the heart
the lungs
the brain

I sat afflicted
I lay addicted
in a web of misery

I spun

I kept spinning
Head pounding
Heart racing
Mind confusing

Taylor caught in my web until I snap
Against my web
Until I

J Harp
Burning Light
On the eve of my twenty-seventh year
I was ignorant.
How infuriatingly intolerable
I suffer
Burning light.
Bloody thirst.
In ancient times
Citizens armed
Wood stakes
Sharp axes
Would hunt me.
In today’s society
I am seen as a god
The media worships
             What I have become.
Short blaze
Burning bright
A Dorman
The Basketball Tournament and a Doctor’s Office

Playing good defense resulted with a swift steal,
Dribbling down-court to dunk it like Michael Jordan,

The dunking footwork is natural like breathing,
Right then left, projecting like Mike without thinking

Beginning with the right was easy
But the left ends in a scream

T Bennett
A Final Pitch

I decided
To put on my arm again
In the final game

Bases juiced
Two down
Up by a run

The signal matches
I visualize the curve
Too the outside corner

The perfect pitch
I visualize the swing
And the miss

J Lucas
Wild Rhino Experience

Huge elephants
Taking mud baths,
Zebra running
From the leopards

Male lions,
Kings of the jungle,
Sleeping lazily
As females hunt for food.

But a wonderful rhino.
The best part of a rhino,
Oh the wonderful horn

Is friendly until
One decides to launch
A peanut encouraging
It to charge the car.
Of Figures and Pictures

While sitting in class
 drawing lines on my paper,
random pictures  in my mind.
The teacher rendering on
about some geometric figures.
The student to my right was calculating
the back of his eyelids,
and the student to my left
stuffing his face with a sandwich.
Even though,
all this bologna was happening,
 random thoughts kept spreading through my mind.
Thoughts of homework
and the sandy,
beaches of Fiji.

Then that wonderful horn
Shred my car and,
My luggage, then one final
Massive charge,
Shattered my arm,
My leg, and my ribs.

C Logan
The First Tuesday
I slowly…methodically…prance
into the classroom,
I grow concerned…worried…frantic
about my grades,
 how to embark…settle…land at the end

 I was not conscious…aware…mindful
 walking into this language laboratory,
 now wide awake…stirring….brain on its toes

extensively roused…moved…revived
ready am I
to learn…be amazed…do my best

M Abney
Of Figures and Pictures

While sitting in class
drawing lines on my paper,
random pictures  in my mind.

The teacher rendering on
about some geometric figures.
The student to my right was calculating

the back of his eyelids,
and the student to my left
stuffing his face with a sandwich.

Even though,
all this bologna was happening,
random thoughts kept spreading through my mind.

Thoughts of homework
and the sandy,
beaches of Fiji.

M Ruiz