Three Years from Now . . .

College Standout

Freshly Sliced turf of a fall Friday
Hoorahs and go-getems climb the bleachers

A wind at my back huddles ‘round the secret
That one pass at instant recognition

J Jetton 13

I sit there under her humble hut
Reading tarots on a table
Playing Q&A with the fortuneteller
the indecision dances in my mind

The augur has her cards
Waiting to be flipped by eager hands
Sitting pretty at the end of time
she hears me think on life

But thinking is a dangerous game
Choosing a path or
Writing a poem
I hesitate for my thoughts
R Harmon
The Verdict

Under my vacant, brown, exhausted eyes
My obstinate father has committed a crime
His apprehensive mind like a 1920 record playing endlessly
Never easing for him to become in touch with his soul
Powerless to witness prospective
Thus has murdered and disillusioned an adolescents dream
A shift within my fuming, brown, spirited eyes
Sensations rapidly streaming through my veins
These intricate thoughts are inevitably flowing
Through the left hemisphere of my brain
 I contemplate the offense
Psychologically irrational?
Criminally insane?

D.  Cooper
A Long Run

I am a hired programmer.
Creating games that make people say ‘wow’
Though the code itself doesn’t glamour.
I am a chosen, hired programmer
Since I ain't got no need for rules nor grammar,
never was a fan of C+ anyhow.
I am a hired programmer
Creating games that wow.

N Schultz
Life Guarding

Orphans need a helping hand to not drown
in the pain and sorrow of South Sudan.
Searching, struggling, searching
both earthly and living truth
for love and opportunity to drink.

B Hosick
What if…

…I were a graduate,   
Learning to read and write, and create ‘rithmatic.

…I were a wife,
Helping cook and clean up ‘round the house.

…I were a mom,
Teachin’ values and behaviors to little ones.

…I am a God-fearing woman, 
Touching the world of His creation.

L Martin
Ode to that Wood Tick

From the far edges of the galaxy
The Caxmaru unleashed; our Earth’s defenses  breached

For tick and man, salvation from a can
Hominy . . . Hominy . . . Hominy . . .

Through radiated tins of corn, mankind is reborn
Super Strength . . .  Super Stench . . .  Sue-Pee-Ree-Errr

Carrying our Pax Parasitus, the puppy-like space horde wags back
Back, back . . . tails tucked . . .  to the far edges of the galaxy

J Walton     16 May 2013  
Groundin’ into the Real World

Fetchin’ my last flyball,
       Playin’ the last of collegiate softball.

Slidin’ past undergrad school,
       Makin’ sacrifices for Biology,

Walkin’ right into oncology lab,
       Runnin’ right thru medical school.
Batting around
       to bigger and better things.

A Ward
Student Athlete

Looking back at it now
God helped me achieve the goal
      starting as a true freshman

Living the gridiron
on a Christian Campus
      and striving in the classroom

Looking back at it now
trusting the Lord tackled my GPA
       and opened holes for Faith

J Schmitzer
A Promise I Made

In an endless world of options
No “ring by spring” for me.

Forced to make a promise
No marriage till after college.

Afraid I’d drop out
To raise a stupid kid.

I will be the first to
Finish by myself.

~H Dickson May 10, 2013

The most awkward time I remember was . . .

Running down the stairs, LATE
Shoes feet and air, LATE
Sprinting through the grass, LATE
Just fell on my ass, LATE
Tired and groggy, LATE
Nobody is around, LATE
Save one man, LATE
Walk up to the teacher, LATE
Am I too, LATE
No your final is not till 10:30
He Laughs

A Howard
The Playground Jig
like a pendulum I swung,
back and forth     back and forth
girls screamed my name
boys spat in envy at the sight of me
everyone loved:
the swing, swing, swinging of the playground jig.

wham bam BANG
Like a geyser my britches shot
hanging there like a flag on a windy day
the playground jig was-
no more.

Like a pendulum my underwear swung
back and forth     back and forth
the silky fabric felt like an enigma.

Like a pendulum I swung
back and forth      back and forth
the crowd oozed hysteria
never again would I call on:
the swing, swing, swinging of the playground jig.

J Cantwell
Another 12-hour Flight

Half awake and without a care
Sleep pulls me down
In another’s seat
Let me dream and never to wake
Like a peaceful angel

V Musisi
Walk of Sorrow

Started with a platter of delicious nourishment
Juicy wings and dipping sause
like a bear catching a fish
 stuffed with many wings,
drippings of scalding sauce
weld to me like glue
 my intestines,
my bowel,
my gooodness....
walk out to a whole heap of faces
walk out in sorrow
walk out of girl's bathroom
J Bedell 2013
Clumsy Freshmen

Advancing steadily
Play follow the leader…
Coaches demand perfection

Skyrocketing over and over
and over the hurdles
Yet, going nowhere
Bruising and swelling
Pounding the ground

Taste the mouthful of rubber
Taste the mouthful of shame

K Pierce
Intended Accident
Kicking fate in the face,
Using the checkered ball as a javelin.
My tribal instincts dominated.

The grating voice -- the perfection.
With a swift kick I hurled my weapon, 
And liquid crimson began to gush. 

Thrill surged within me,  
The checkered ball now my instrument of fortune.
Fouled by a ruthless judgment.

M Yohn 5-17-13
Flying Down

freshman girl
    shy        surrounded    stopped   
senior boys
    watching    weighting    waiting   
i remember that october
because i realized my Weakness
my spotter insisted that
i could lift it
i couldnt say no
iron on my shoulders bearing
    and fear
i couldnt stand back up
iron hit iron
i hit floor
i look at silence
i hear pride running
    out the door
    weak        scared        embarrassed
    Waiting    sacred        enabled

out the door

J Halbrook
The baby got delivered,
“Oh it’s a girl, where is the trashcan?”
Screaming laughter caused by the movie.
I feel so alone even though I’m surrounded by friends,
I see the monstrous reality of my world,
The left-overs of a vicious era
Become entertainment, a joke in their culture.
This ignorance is a blade,
That is thrown away deep inside me.

K Kinal

Rosy Cheeks

She snatched the book
and asked a question.

My answer was:
“I would rather
have a kiss from you
and your red-headed friend.”

My girlfriend smiled
at Katie and her carrot-top chum.

My mother entered to hear our talk
of the lines from the book.

J Oldweiler May 17, 13

Playground Takedown

Basketball had finished
But I clung to the shorts.
Hopping fences came easily
Like sliding down a slippery slide.
That dreadful fence
Striped me down.

 All the way down
 As everyone watched.
--B Wolf 17 May 13
I Walk

I walk into a brightly lit classroom.
Primary colors plastered everywhere.
Waves of numbers and alphabets.
Nemo and friends swim across the walls. 

A scary sea of strange new faces.
Wobbly sea legs take me to the directing seat.

K BoliverSince 'everyone' expects me to get married, my spouse will be...
Talking to Myself

Since 'everyone' expects me to get married, my spouse will be...

Was like a foreign thing
Small and unsure

The happy laughing couple
Reminding me of an annoying gnat

Continuously being a nuisance
While I was forced to talk to the wall

We became better friends than my date
I flew out with just one goodbye

No explanation just blank stares

A Mulhall
Sunday Greeting Time
His long limbs stretch
 around me like the body
 of a snake.

His rancid breath wraps
 around my waist like an anaconda suffocating
 its prey.

His beady eyes swallow
 me whole as if I am being slowly

T Ford May 9 2013

Since 'everyone' expects me to get married, my spouse will be...
Hidden Treasure

I have begun an extraordinary quest,
Searching. Like a prospector for gold,

A fortune worth more than any other.
A precious diamond shining bright like the sun.

This valuable gem will remain,
Until death due us part.

D Cargill

The imperfect
can stand
on a pedestal
by what’s missin’
the style.

-J Baja 16 May 2013

Monsters cry
erness let
 It reign hold
 a grudge and
ceiver is
Seen by no
One I see
When a beast
Speaks friends be-
Come foes For-
Stand alone
Creeping comes
In death to
Life breathing
Returns with
Light to the
Hope restored
Still linger
Stronger are
The cries of
Hope in my
For the king
Who comes like
A thief in
Saving me
He says to
Me I have
Plan for you
No one will
Stop it from
-ing to pass
They will be
From me

L Belcher 1 May 2013

Making memories and filling scrapbooks
With the most embarrassing situations.
Remembering vacations to Venice,
The honeymoon in Hawaii.
Sharing a laugh at thoughts of our first date.

Trembling hands reach for my coke
And dump it all over my red vintage dress.
My cheeks blush like my ‘54 Royal typewriter.  

Flipping through crumbled up pictures,
And admiring the flaws
Love wore away.

K Doshier
Invisible Actions

Without noise, the wind anticipates
changing a life

If he were done with it
she would be finished

The breeze calls to the center
No longer bound by expectations

catching his good name
soaring in freedom

L Belcher 16 May 2013
Literar(ily) Content

Indulge in the fascination of
    Strunk and White
 Know the ins and outs of
    The Book of Sorrows
Dream of
    The Little, Brown Handbook

And in this course
Apply lessons of
    Portable Literature
Before the
I do

J Cary
Stirring Embers

Kindling the little souls that remain
Protecting them in her tender flame

Feeding and warming, a flickering shade
Kindling the little souls that remain

G Compton
Expect Me

a well-rounded woman,
with a great smile,
not haughty
or snotty

And I don’t smother.

J Dietz
Daily for Them

Their inner turmoils

inner demons

just as she does his
Life shared

B Thompson
A Man After God’s Own Heart
a man like David.
when he sees a woman bathing
there is no controlling his lust
when this woman’s child is born
there is no doubt of his fatherly love
when years have passed
she will still be the subject of this poem

A Munton
American Culture

American culture whispers in the ear,
Trickling like blood from a cut.
American culture places a finger against her lips,
Quieting the sweetness of truth. 

American culture tugs at the left hand,
Leading love astray like a child from its home.
American culture cannot overcome the bold,
They stand faithful and just.

R King
Shade My Soul

Cover me

Capture my

Dim the heavy-

with arms
of darkness

K Tabron