AKJV For by wise counsel you shall make your war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.
Decisions, Decisions
Like a rat in a maze
I live my life
Every turn is a phase
I hope to survive
Decisions move me 
Like a character in a video game
Decisions hurt but improve me
Giving heroic stories how I overcame 

Ordered from place to place
Given work, and objectives
Forced to move at their pace
Filling in any extra time with electives

I attentively sit and listen
Plagued like some insomniac
From the late nights fighting
My thoughts like a hypochondriac

Choosing this over that
What difference could one choice make
When I decide, theres no going back
No teacher to ask for a retake

D Magley

Listen to one and gain-- Daylight
No need for the old man and his slow speech.
No need for the peer and his similar talk.
No need for the small child and his stumbling words.
A multitude wastes time.

Listen to one and gain-- Direction
No need for the old man and his fading advice.
No need for the peer and his common thoughts.
No need for the small child and his new ideas.
A multitude sways opinion.

Listen to one and gain-- Dominance
No need for the old man and his aged friends.
No need for the peer and his like-minded group.
No need for the small child and his growing generation.
A multitude splits the vote.

Listen to one, and lack.

A Phillips

An inescapable storm
Forged by opposing desires.
Unseen forces, pull the soul.
A raging wind poised for destruction.

This war of wills, temptation.
Test of morals, trials by fire.
Paths ahead, mucky, vague.
Indecision is certain death.

My insurmountable wall,
A decision to shape my life.
Seek out those who’ve gone before.

Wrinkled, silver-haired, sage.
Seek out wise men, the
Elder siblings, older friends.

They shall answer the question
That troubles the soul.

 Read the book.

D Taber
Not One Day Goes By

Not one day goes by,
where he can’t seem to get the bombing off his mind.
We try and get him to unwind,
but he always seems to remind
himself with everything that happened all combined.

Not one day goes by,
where he doesn’t think about this eruptive event.
He tries to just let himself vent,
but all his memories seem to ferment.
We hate to see him go through all that torment.

Not one day goes by,
when he doesn’t recount this at night.
He wakes, but not from a beam of light.
He wishes these memories of West Loch would leave, never reunite
and officially be gone outright.

Not one day goes by,
without recalling the explosion he watched from shore.
All he can observe is that Japanese décor.
He hates that he was a part of this world war
And remembering the 21st of May 1944.

J Nolen

I am Athena
True and powerful
The strength of a nation
In the heart of the people
The force behind armies
The upper hand in a battle

Triumphant and empowering
Manifested in multitudes
Fixed upon victory
Bringing good fortune
To those who trust me

Accomplished and complete
Achieved through collaboration
An exploitation of my power
Only then can they see
The true nature of my being

M Gooley 16 May 2012 
Forging a Leader
Fire, with life and form, emerges purified
Finally broken, ready to be shaped, ready for direction
Carried above the crowd to a pedestal
A hammer falls
Sparks fly as metal clashes with metal
Each blow like wise advisors guides the form straight and true
Plunged into an icy abyss
Steam rises as water cools its surface
The metal tightens on every side

Ground against the spinning stone
Piled fragments reveal true potential
A leader’s life is honed for power

A Black
The One-Way Street

I drive to make war.
People perish because of me. Murder stands
acceptable if simply a few die. Victory
never satisfies, it always desires more.
A packaged deal remains no sure peace, death resides.
I drive to make war.

I drive to make war.
Violence stays consistent. I don’t need your destruction,
I am wise enough to make my own. Life shapes a
penny, when my way seems blocked. A mine field
follows the tracks of my way, like a tank.
I drive to make war.

You drive to make war.
Shutting out advice, defending your perfect reason
to swerve the way you do. You are wise. You believe
cars plan intently to dent you. You are controlled
by your head, shifting to follow gratified actions.
You drive to make war.

You drive to make war.
Peace will never completely exist if you speed,
your own way, down a one-way street. Put the pedal
to the floor, with your one heart of wisdom,
buckle your seatbelt, no braking now,
you drive to make war. 

J Wonnell

Decisions are leeches
arriving unwelcomed
making themselves stronger
drain you little by little.

They gain no matter what
the more they can take the more they do
and the greater the reward
you pay.

A Clay
War Counsel

Mercenaries march
    across the war-scarred grounds

Veterans survey the battlefield
    confident in past triumphs

Reckless ones run ignore orders
    rush to the frontlines

Others break rank, pretend to lead
    hitchhike on the tanks of others

Civilians demand action
    provide pressure to do something

K Williams

London crumbles into dust
as bombs and bullets rage all around
like a summer thunderstorm
leaves path of destruction in its wake

History forever changed in moments
soldiers and civilians are crushed
for another man’s cause
another man’s power

The storm ends
 The world is silent
The earth weeps

H Christ
I do not know what the letters

I do not know what the letters
“AKJV” in the sentence
above means. It seems to me
that they are just there to make
us think about something ran-
dom or to ask a question.
It could also be there be-
cause it has some signifi-
cance to the class and will la-
ter be explained. The other
part of the sentence I think
means that if you only list-
en to one person that you
could be wrong. It also means
that if you listen to man-
y people that you are safe.

L Tribble
Power of the Pack

Running is my true passion.
Running in packs is what makes
us strong.  Their presence
has helped me through three marathons,
each one better than the last,
beating my previous best
by over twenty minutes.

In life
we are called to have

M Robinson
Little Brothers Have Feelings

Did it hurt when my fist hit? Did it hurt
when I yelled? Did it hurt when skin met skin?
Did it hurt? Did it hurt? Did it? Did it?

Why? Why does it hurt like a blow to the
stomach when he yells?  Why does it feel like
he despises me like Brussel sprouts? Why?

I have tried to make it better like how
ice cream helps the blues. I did not get him
as a surprise that cooked for nine months in
my mothers stomach. No! No, he got picked.

S Smith
Safety in Multitude

Like a cold, dark plague
In the year 2050.
A wretched afternoon
The counsel surrounds me.
One dark day.

The battle rages on.
They had to seek victory
Through me.

In me there is no love,
Or happiness.
I provide a presence of safety.

Yet there remains a small light;
Sunshine, hope, victory.

I am war.
The battle is won.

E Palmer
War or Peace

War brings pain and destruction
While peace frees nations, 
Counsel offers wisdom and insight

Warriors creates death and sorrow
While peace brings life,
Counsel offers advice for hard decisions

Counsel gives options and choices 
While peace settles anger,
War, why do you exist

J Harrison

Oh, White Rabbit lead me on to war
I’ll follow you through the garden’s door
down the rose-red path to fight, save
wonderland, and be your knight.

White Rabbit, hear my blood-drenched cry.
I rush to battle, do not think twice, allow
no questions of why, follow my own wise advice.
Drink the potion, shrinking, growing,

becoming so lost, my innocence
the final cost.  The Jabberwock’s death
by my blood-red hand gives peace to all
but me

H Dehn
Easy as Kindergarten

Declaring my major
  is karaoke.

Declaring is Sharpay
  sashaying in high heels and glitter.

Declaring is Ryan Evans
  lost in Sharpay’s limelight.

Declaring is Chad Danforth
  bossing me to
    Get’cha get’cha get’cha head in the game.

Declaring is the Disney Channel
  expressing myself
  following my dreams
  happily   ever   after.

Renée Coleman 17 May 2012
In The Rough

Surround yourself by woods.
The power they bring creates
an opportunity for an iron;
to nail an approach shot,
or to fall to the bunker. Grab
your putter and lucky ball.

Examine every angle, imagine
the ball slowly rolling into the
hole. Your caddy offers advice
on whether to play the break
or to aim straight for the hole.

Weigh the wisdom of your
counselors.  In the end, you’re
the one that got into the rough
and you have to make the birdie.

I Sanders
Democracy Minus 1600 Votes in Myanmar

Ban Ki Moon out-
wardly opposes
what Aung San Sang
trapped in a familiar prison.

Say hello to the junta
given force by words
through words none said
since 1945.

Officials officially officiate non-
sensically from  their committees
to escape scorn:
they pursue war,
but always the wrong one.

N Fischer
Going Out on a Limb

My gentle,
delicate bird
in the nest,

The slender,
Savannah Cat
at the bough

J Knight