The day started as normally as yesterday and then . . .
Today Was Just As Normal As Yesterday

Ring Ring Ring
“Underhill household” I answered
“Your mother is in surgery” that is she said

Beaten Beaten Beaten
That is what that man had done
But now would she be gone?

Pacing Pacing Pacing
Wondering what would happen
As my heart sank into my chest
I needed to find rest

News News News
The doctor told me that my mom had died
I kept falling deep inside

Disorder Disorder Disorder
A blood disorder we must accept
I turned my back and wept

Today was just as normal as yesterday
Until the phone rang

A Shriver
No Key

Complacency begins the day. The days are running together.
But this day however, something is missing, a key. There is no Key
This key is vital to my grade and my good standing with the teacher.
Being alone only adds to my despair.

Without help, I must think of a way to get in. There is no Key
I must now think of an excuse. Things are missing of me.
Things affecting my good standing with the teacher. Things affecting my grade.
There is no homework. There is no good standing. There is no Key

R Wolfe
The End

College is fun, right?
Lost and hopelessness are not fun.
The campus just got even colder, and bigger

The ability to function normal was lost.
The comfort I once felt was lost.
With every passing second the blood in my veins grew colder.
I searched frantically, but got nowhere, confusion filled my mind.
I was beginning to feel useless.

The campus was shrinking all around me.
There was no chance, it was an impossible task.
Giving up was the only thought on my wondering mind
This day would not be as great as all the rest.
Poor me, disappearing into this enormous campus.

Life was over, this was the end
Everything I knew was dead and gone
The thoughts in my head were heavy and mighty
This was the worst day imaginable,
All because I lost my id.

A Markovich
Winter Disaster

Bright, Blinding, Deceiving
The sun reflects off of the ground
Not providing heat but delivering
Negative temperatures dragging me down

I play hard until my hearts stop pounding
Exhausting, Tiered, Drained
He keeps playing, probly could all night long
My body is breaking down no more energy

He hops on the ATV and goes on
I’m done seeking refuge, need emergen-c
Worry, Scared, Fright
Like a desert night

The sun disappears behind the darkening sky
With wide eyes he guns it with fight
The clouds open up and take his sight
Bang, Boom, Silent

Lost connection creates a deadly situation
Memories flow through my mind like quick sand time
Hoping it’s temporary while in contemplation
It happened like a flip of a dime with no sign.

Looking, Searching , Desperate
A light shines but he is not in sight
The wreckage is scattered like tornado came and went away
He is not there, gone, without a fight

Opening my eyes he stands there ready to play.

C Foster
Sitting with a blank page, and no thoughts

Sitting with a blank page, and no thoughts
There’s not much I could write.

Only pictures that are clear are red and blue lights.
The life I’m living is far from one of a kind

Say I must’ve ate words for breakfast
For how my stomach speaks the thoughts that run through my mind.

Lord forgive me
I question” Will this feeling ever leave?”

I’m prepped with pepto hoping the loudness will come to seize.
But the noise,

Like a riot in New York seems to get louder.
I slump as I sweat in my chair

While my neighbor’s laugher gets louder.
At times I wish I worked off a remote

And could mute the sound.
I feel like a walking rollercoaster as my tummy moves up and down.

Finally, I remove myself from the class
Had it passed, has the rumble in my tummy came to rest.

But I sit in class; my stomach seems to speak under its breath.
I realize, may it be the class sickness symptoms appearing

For when I’m there, it’s there
And once the school year was over, the sickness is disapperaring.

S Shedd
Clown Fish

Maybe for that time a dent in my father’s trumpet
Maybe for that time a chunk of my sister’s hair
Maybe for that time I broke the prize barracuda I

Frozen water overflowed the campus
Chuckling at my traction-less shoes
I am not a clown that appreciates laughter
I am definitely a fish out of water
I lack the grace to stay afloat
I slip n slide through campus
I belong in the water
Where balance is not a requirement of survival
Though the frozen water likes to think I’m a clown
It plays practical jokes on me
It portrays solid ground
One step and my foot sinks into the bottomless puddle
The water laughing at its victory
My humiliation

Now I understand that this is punishment
But the dent was a mere accident
Hair grows back--eventually
Barracudas belong in the ocean
Eating clown fish

L Griggs

Oh yeah, it’s college

Waking up
 seems to get harder everyday.

I never know what
 the world will hold  anymore.

one morning I can wake up
 and be in my good ole’ bed at home.
 Next thing I know, I’m waking up
in a 10 by 15 room with bunk beds,
where the heck did those come from?

I seem to remember
a place like this,
a place from before.

A place that I used to know
well before this last holiday.

How did I end up back here?
I thought it had been
 just a bad dream that once
 I went home for Christmas

I wouldn’t have to worry
about this again. But apparently,
 that supposition is completely wrong.
 What more can I say?

 Oh, yeah its college.

S Pecina

Greeting the coldness of a new dawn
she wants to turn the Christmas break switch to ‘on.’
The world acts as a video screen
With flashing images of pearly whites and diamond rings.

Keeping Christ as the central root
she joyfully waltzes through because of the truth
that one day she will receive the gold crown
for standing firm upon this earthly ground.

Dentistry is her aspiration
the path to get there can cause frustration.
Every day is one step closer
And one day dental school chose her.

H Hooper
The Dream Level 

Mario and Luigi begin on
 Another journey to save Princess Peach

A go-cart doing a perfect nose dive
 Landing on Rainbow Road Driving over
 Red, yellow, blue
 Will this battle continue forever?
 Taking out Bowser time and time again
 It’s the cars’ turn to battle the beast

Quickly taking him down at his vast knees
 And running him over repeatedly
 Drive, reverse, drive, reverse
 More red exists on Rainbow Road today
 Maybe this will be the last time he dies
 Rescuing Princess Peach for the ninth time

Tossing her into the crowded go- cart
 with the obnoxious Italian pair
 The party begins immediately
 with red, yellow, blue lighting up the sky
 Tomorrow it will start over again
 In a brutal attempt number ten

To save my hopelessly-dumb peachy friend

-Haley Wech

I startle myself thinking of the day ahead
my body hurls itself over my Chuck Taylors
my feet kick up in the air, as a solid smack breaks my fall

I dash to enjoy my milk and Cheerios
my entire mixture beginning to spew from my open lips,
my milk too sour to benefit from now causing my mouth to reek,

I shock my body and go into frenzy without warning
my glass of orange juice I side-swipe straight toward me
my blouse now saturated making me entirely drenched

I speed in the midst of my tardiness
my red Oldsmobile begins to yak out fumes and smoke
my school only being four blocks from my rusty piece of garbage

I pace to school unaware of my surroundings
my mind racing and raving I feel a peculiar raindrop on my head
my senses become abruptly aware that this is far from being just rain

It constantly resembles a brown paper bag lit on fire
just sitting
waiting on my porch.

K Symonds 9 May 2011
Whah whah whah

A perturbed man awakes with a sigh,
reluctantly opening up to the cold morning air.

For breakfast, a traditional southern morning meal
Nothing fancy

Three hours later, two classes have passed
It is good to be back

K Sparks
Waking Asleep

In the morning I awoke
to strange things. 
The clouds in the sky looked strange and ominous
The darkness was a foreboding sign of rain.

I walked outside expecting to feel
the drip,drip,of tiny raindrops.
Instead of these drops they were gumdrops.
Bright and sparkly, unexpected like a flower in the winter.

Through the field I skipped.
Catching my favorites both in my umbrella
and in my mouth. Drip. Drip. Drop they say as they fall.
But as they fell, so do I.  Down, down,down into consciousness.

In the morning I awoke
to strange things.
Any stranger than usual?
I am not sure.

M Carnahan
Longest Day Ever

I woke up to find myself covered in warmth
in my bed not wanting to move.
Shower and breakfast was calling my name,

on my way to eat though I ran across a butterfly
that loved to land on my shoulder. 
This little butterfly would not leave me alone
 no matter where I went.

In classes it would fly around the teacher's head,
land on other classmates' shoulders,
just to disturb me to where I could not focus.

People kept staring at me in class and in the hallways; they knew I was not acting like myself.

In volleyball practice I could not concentrate,
my passing was off, I could not talk to save my life, Coach was yelling at me to pick it up.

The butterfly was flying in, out, and all around the ball.
I was so worried the whole time
that I was going to step on it and hurt it.

It was just not a good day at all,
I was getting very frustrated.   
I wish that someone would just get this butterfly
off my shoulder and take it for themselves. 
Depression just makes the days go by so slow . . .

K Beyer 18 May 2011
Planet without allergies

The noise was unbearable
Like a thousand broken records playing at once
Its mouth vibrating with aberrant speech
The alien exited its floating craft

Its head an unnatural shape
Its body twisting as it crawled forward
“Screech screech!” it demanded
Waving its slimy tentacles
Glaring with huge, blood-shot eyes

Sinking to the ground
It examined the grass.
Reaching with a muculent tentacle
It took one crisp blade of grass

Shrieking it returned to its hovercraft
Seemingly satisfied
Gears hissing and creaking,
Wind curling and spiraling,
Then it was gone.

H Leininger 05/17/2011
The day was as normal as yesterday
 Sassy ran away with the leash
 Chasing and chasing her steadily and fast
 She neared the edge of the street,

Twiddling around the corner, galloping up the hill
Her elongated tail, of browns and blacks, calico; like leaves in the fall

Slowly I lost sight of her.
 Sadness came over me,
Extremely disappointed.
Sassy she was.

Images of her running wild and free not caring what others thought.
Wagging her tail and shaking her fur. Her nose snuffed up.
 I walked up the driveway, nearing the house.

Hands shaken and clammy.
Wondering what to do.
My head on the side of the house,
Drifting to sleep.
A wet sensation against my leg.

But she pranced around like nothing had happened.
With her nose in the air and a grin on her face a mile long.
With all of the excitement up in the air,
She was off again
Wild, free, and sassy.

B Smith 18 May 2011

Possessed like a paranoid schizophrenic,
the dog attacked
ripping through the shirt
devouring him whole. (Ad hominem fallacy)
kept from running away
by his intense hysteria
wishing to hide (criterion) from those evil eyes
nothing     could     keep     him         . . .

C Brooks 4/28/2011
Normal Day

Today I woke up like any other day
I brushed my teeth
I mowed the grass
I flew a kite
This day was like no other

I flew a kite
My air pressure in the car was low
Out of anger,
I threw my baseball bat through the window
At my cat
This day was like no other

I walked upstairs
And to my dismay I slipped on the tile
I cracked twelve ribs
I crushed my skull
I saw a man struck by lighting
I knew that this day was certainly like no other

A Demczak

I walked through the door and she stopped me there.
Her warm, familiar face surprised me.
My cheeks flushed red, and before I could think
I spit out a few short words and listened.

Confusion covered her like a dark cloud.
A cold wind quickly blew into the scene.
For a moment I was blinded as Saul.
Then a deafening peal of thunder hit.

I’ve spent a long time; forgetting that sight.
Angel of light, she was so beautiful.
Darkness has enveloped her completely.
The girl I once knew, she’s gone forever.

J Phipps 28 April 2011

Smell of Sleep

Sukany teaches an evil class called English Comp
and I have to go, I can’t skip.
And oh!
I hate him.

I decide to sleep.
Food sizzles,
rotisserie chicken, fried and crunchy.
Juice drips.
On the skewer the chicken turns round and round.
Drip, drip, drip.
Streams go down in glistening shine.
I start to drool.
That drool streams into a pool.
Everyone watches.

And oh!
I hate him.

R Fox
My Plane Roof

My ordinary world was
shattered by a plane
taking the place of
my plain roof.

Shortly thereafter two pilots
Accompanied me in my
NEW living room watching
Regular daytime television, with
my brand new plane

My new counterparts spoke
of the events leading
up to the remodeling
of my house, how
the ducks were in
the way and just
could not be dodged,
dinner was easy pickings
that night.

When the house was
remodeled it was summer,
which flew by fast,
the wing offered a
great tanning booth in
the living room, and
the parties became more
exciting, especially with a
aluminum diving board hanging
right overhead, the new
sun roof was looking
like a great addition
to the house.

However one day it
started to rain and

the wing became a
metal waterfall with my
living room becoming a
place for fish to

My neighbors came to
my house to discuss
my ornamentation around Christmas,
or so I thought,
but apparently after many
many community discussions, and
a few building code
violations later, I was
asked to remove my
plane roof and replace
it with a plain roof.

H MacKenzie IV