Poems based on Favorite Smell



A whimsy whiff takes me back

to the good timesó

tugging the pink zipper

of my first purse,

its shiny new plastic

shrinking my worries

like a popsicle on blackened asphalt.


A momentary smell,

a plastic shovel cracking

scooping the sand, dirt, and rocks,

building a palace for a princess,

forgetting the world outside my sandbox.


One fleeting scent

and Iím twisting the perfect plastic limbs,

tangling the perfect plastic hair,

living my Barbie doll perfect life.


One breath in,

and I rememberÖ

I was happy thenó

back when plastic was enough.


---O Young

Swinging Away


A floating scent hovers around the swing,

carried on a cherry-almond breeze.

I inhale memories of grandmaís hugs--


being held in the crook of her arms,

suffocating in her powerful fragrance.

Just as quickly, the memory fades.


Yet, here she is rocking on the swing,

me snuggled into her side

enveloped in her petite embrace

that smells of cherry-almond.


---C Hartsuff

Heavenly Medley

Not the sound of the alarm
nor the beckoning from a distant room
nor the cold water against my face
nothing but the strong sweet scent of coffee
rescues me from my slumber

Despite these dissatisfied sounds from my past
that formed nightmares in my mind
I have no fear of unpleasant awakenings
I cling to the attractive fragrance
that brought my heart's salvation
with only one reply to the heavenly medley

---J Nugent

Sweet Memories


Comforting warmth blows through the trees.

We all sit around in the swing,

on the grass, and in hard plastic chairs

that feel like recliners.


Getting back to our roots,

we eat with God-given utensils.

The watermelon juice and seeds

are everywhere, including the air.


The entire family gathers

for this one, rare snack.

The annual occasion that gathers all cousins

takes me back to a simpler time.


-K Chowning




This tow-headed, roan man

is hated by many who

swill his strong personality

too hastily and superficially.


Young fools!

Hating what they have not

yet learned to appreciate--

his bitter flavor, not sweetened past perfection.


Aged scholars!

Loving their acquired

desire of soothing taste--

his blissful essence, not intoxicated past pleasure.


This joe is diverse,

Every morning

measured in a cupÖ

Either crŤmed or black.


---A Hameister

The Getaway


A dizzying sensation

a cascade of scents

warm and earthy

dark and seductive

rich and powerful


a forbidden love

a walk on the dark side


cocoa pods

swaying in the wind

offer a captivating fog

a crushing wave

never to be forgotten


--- S Guillaume


Sweet Desires


A deep lust.

A sweet temptation presented in squares,

soft and rich and filled with goodness,

a fresh batch from the stove, waiting for me to taste.


With a knife, I sink in to satisfy

the longing want and need for the moist,

the warm, the soft, melted appearance.

Tears run, escaping as the fragrance fills the air.


Knowing that each bite is filled with sweet ecstasy,

each bite followed by the laughter and joy of siblings.

The smell, the dessert of royalty and seduction,

a pair of black queens enjoy pleasurably.


Each taste fills my nostrils,

awakens my sleeping taste buds.

I am home at last, floating in the clouds.

enjoying a day of rest, relaxation, and pampering.


Immediate death

a heaven-sent trip

My sweet Desires


---J Gillespie

Taco Spring


Like a thick cloud

spreading from the fryiní pan,

the enticing spices

allure the family who wait


until twistering out of control,

dishes dropping, water pouring,

shells blustering in a feeding frenzy,

fixinís pounding the table like hail.


Like the manna-eaters who wanted meat

and didnít appreciate the guiding cloud,

the family wanted tacos

and didnít see God there either.


So knowing the unholy mess

wonít last Ďtil morning,

the family gorges their way

to the land of milk and tacos.


-- A Fulton

The Smell of Home


The smell of home is like no other

From the moment you walk in the front door

the smell hits and brings back the memories

of the many good memories you have experienced

It will bring back the memories of birthday parties

and smell of barbeque

and beer during a Super Bowl party

The smell of home-baked cookies and pie


---S Lanteigne




Golden-topped hills rise in the distance

Warmth permeates their being

Buttery rays grace their crowns

Melting with flowers purple and red

Becoming one with the hills

Gets me out of bed in the morning


---Lauren Potts




As I slumber dreaming of fat and blubber,

the most beautiful thing happens,

I awake to find my nose taking a dive

in the sweet delight of a smoky kitchen.


Itís not just any smoke.

It is the type of carbon monoxide that kills you sweetly.

Itís the sweet aroma of pancakes smothered in butter

and topped with white eggs and bacon.


So overwhelmed with the scent of all that bacon,

I search for the need of fulfillment.

My senses all awake now

and my mind beats heavily on my heart


I need the sense thrilling

the stomach filling

and the sweet release of pancakes, eggs and bacon


Like fluffy clouds laying next to over-easy sunshines

with strips of burnt rainbows,

I suddenly feel impregnated with longing symptoms.


Itís the smell that has me intoxicated.

Itís the taste that has my mind running wild.

Itís the seeing of such a beauty that has me mesmerized.

Itís the sound of its creation that has me excited.

And to touch seems sinful enough.

Itís a mixture of a need

I want,

I got to have,

Itís an addiction

and I am an addict for pancakes, eggs, and bacon.




---R Fowler


arctic chill


the arm around my shoulders

is my love††††† he is my love

the fold is open and

the scent makes my nose tingle


my life is warm now

I feel whole and pure

the comfort of old

the spice of new

it is uncontrollable


designed to keep dry

bust moist still


designed to end foul

mission accomplished


as the embrace ends

my being longs for spice;

fragrance that reach

into my soul and

bring memories and emotions


beat faster

breathe deeper

feel the cool breeze

for all the senses

of mind body soulólove


--- J Potts



Russian Olive Tree


Soft silver, green leaves cover her head.

Her hair is caressed by the sunís long fingers.

Her arms are too old now to birth blossoms.

Her clean, cool, earthy perfume

captures the attention of all.


Her rough skin scared and torn by abusive winds,

is now concealed under mossy brown.

Her legs, folded, lead down to her feet

covered by soft blankets of velvety green.


When I was younger,

she cradled me in her graceful branches.

Today, we sit in silence.

Now only her fragrance

comforts my saddened soul,

as two lives near their end.


---A Herbek



Winter Travel


Tired and warn out

My body sits in a car

The snow continues to fall

Traffic moves like a turtle


I peel a juicy orange

A citrus blast travels through car

Delivering a scent of happiness

Stress begins to lessen


Smell comforts one body and head

Hiding the frustration and pain

No more care about traffic

For a moment stress is forgotten


The snows will continue

As the smell goes away

The moment of happiness has passed

And this cold and gloomy day


---M Hebert


Wounded Wonder


They cut my green hair,

shave off my base,

skin my prickly


and expose

my ripe yellow flesh.


Piece by piece,

they disassemble

my person.Crying

all over my murderer, I know

that all I once was,

is now gone,

trashed to the core.


Through open mouths,

I make my way to my final resting place.

Merciless, they delight in my intoxicating

nectar, inhaled as I am consumed.


---L Kline††††††††


Cedar Chest


The rectangular marbled-red chest

sits in morningís golden light

cradling memories

lid open






the wedding dress

the coffin flag of a lost brother


drying the eyes

closing the lid


---T Cleeton


New Beginnings


One morning I wake

and find the sun beaming

through broken clouds

leaving the air fresh


The scent of spring flowers

glides along the breeze

bringing happy memories and

leaving many smiles and laughter


Yesterdayís problems vanish

leaving lessons of courage

and filling me with strength

to make it through the day


The pain still exists

calling from the back of my mind,

but, ignoring this,

I move forward


---M Anderson