Worst Moments



3 kilo-watt Flash    


In the early morning of a joyful day,

I awoke looking for mischief

And I found it.


In one single instant, I jolted the entire household

to screams of a shocking lesson

as blue sparks erupted from tiny shears.


This makeshift arc welder brands infinity into my mind.

And the Alarm forever lectures 88:88.


---A Gonzales



Distant Recovery


I was always there to help

patch a father's countless injuries

always wondering at the unsuspected

  broken bones    broken hearts


Surgeries help restore a broken body

Broken hearts need mending too

Presently, he recovers

  without me.


---K Russback


Hospital at Ten


It started with a spark

and turned into a fire

spreading fast and worrying the firemen


They tried using water

but the smoke morphed into curtains

So they brought in an EMT


The EMT chopped sinus three times

I still recall infection

can be so draining


---R Wood



St. Labor


Hot and dusty, tightened collars,

Idolistic relic altars,

A rosary


     Zombies in the parish


Maintain the quo, stay in your row,

While Archfiend carries on below,

One confession,

Per transgression,

     Zombies cannot perish


---S Rogers


Free Willing


Spinning on a tire

tethered to a blossoming tree

rooted in this world

thoughts swirl in my head


flying free     forever longing

to remain in this surreal state

The earth comes rushing back at me

With blackness all around


someone stitches thoughts in place


---J Vann

Instead of Thee


A way of fun and sadness

My words spoken to page

Full of crazed madness

In my final age


Seven times I would try

And seven more would fail

The rub of my flight

Would have but short tail


A subject intro tore my heart

But how could I flee

A mental tie of letters

Left me with "teh"


---J Haworth



One Life, One Love


One long pass from a beloved teammate

A sprint too fast—a sacrifice for the team


Every sound resonates in my head

The whistles, the horn, the sneakers on the floor


A tear, a twist

The gym floor suddenly meets my face


The perfect orange sphere

Was my world, my earth


The game is over—at least for me

stripped away in an instant


One aching knee and an even more aching heart

One life, one love, torn.


---J Fowler

The Butt Crack


I was out by the pool

and out of the blue

he gave me a slash.

I didn’t know what to do.

The cut was so deep

the blood flowed so fast.

My attacker determined

to make the scar last.


On with the needles

the needles, a shot--

all of them hurt.

They hurt me a lot.

I kicked and I screamed

until they were done

I did all I could

but the doctors soon won.


Then it was wrapped

and it wound it was numb.

For the next couple of hours

I forgot what had been done.

Now the cut is all healed

from that glass attack

but my toe still resembles

a tiny butt crack!


---V Orr


Ode to Sukany


Going into college, I never saw what I had coming.

I began to get nervous about how it might be.

I walk into English and whom I saw almost had me running.

As I walk in, there stands my professor in room 243 .


He seemed so innocent or at least that’s what I thought.

He spoke of such things like "coloring" and "games."

And when he spoke of cake doughnuts, he had us all bought.

Little did I know, I would NEVER be the same.


I should have known better that this was too good to be true,

Through the stories and papers, I found myself in distress.

I soon realized his sole purpose was to color me blue.

As a matter of fact he succeeded, more or less.


Although I realized this man has taught me very well,

He most certainly saw it necessary to put me through hell.


---A Ybanez

Name: Todd Sukany


Three times a week

He was not meek

Fifty minutes a class


Words and letters by the mass

Games that were a deadly sin

There was no intention for us to win


He really loved all of this

And it is something I will never miss


---L Griggs



Bugs in Unexpected Places


The words “Go home” rang in my ears

For some kids it seemed to be a mini vacation

No homework to fill the head

No teachers to dread


Isolation in my bedroom was no celebration

To me it was social humiliation

Confined to my room

No friends for a week            


The bugs were as dandruff

My hair it would suffice



---J Simpson


The Fast Lane


I was one head short of a shortcut

and Impatience had conquered me

I made a pass and was flipped off


Short cuts can be dangerous

Straight routes to completion

Without any of the hard work of course


Failure was destined to tag along remorsefully 

hindering the way of one's path at times with its

deception and lies, pleas and cries of "only if I."


Telling the traveler to turn here, or to

stop and go back the other way, often

influencing one to do so, a blacking to one's eye

It was like a thin sheet of paper to a soft hand


not a lot of bleeding but painful

effort was awfully absent like always

a reminder of the years that I once lived in

school, I guess some things never change.


---R Barrow

Watching the Wax Melt


Watching this winter show from the window

the Amish life becomes reality

as daily conveniences disappear


Rain becomes glass

on fragile branches that fall to the ground

causing pops and snaps, crunches, and crashes


Seeing nature’s destruction

fills the mind with thoughts

that the darkness will take over


Then it comes, as the clock ticks eight p.m.

Lights out



Technology regresses

Cooking over an open fire

Plug-ins become useless


Growing tired and impatient

being entertained by only

the flicker of the candle’s flame


The lights stay off all day long

Forgetting what it is like

to see a light bulb illuminate the room


Then, finally, a brightness warms the darkness

The silence is broken

Candles are put away


Technology resumes progression

How quickly we return

to the “simple” way of life


---A Palmer




Ever have a dream

In which you were nude

And it’s not your fault


Sailing through the air

Beginning to shake

Feet turn red as they hit the lake


The water is cold

And so are they

Laughs, fingers pointing, eyes a stare


The laughs get louder

The pointing begins to pierce

Your heart is pounding


Why are they still laughing

They’ve had their fun

You worked so hard


Next time, breathe deep

Tie them up tight

And take the dive


---K Osterloh



What is Love


All your dreams come true,

Is what you call Love,

Everything you want,

A misconception of the heart


But once you achieve the highest,

What you feel,

Is it love?

A misconception of the heart


We search so deeply for a fulfillment unknown

Only to be hurt by

A misconception of the heart

Our tears burn brightly

Pain glows through in our body

But we still expect

A misconception of the heart.


---Jo Miller

Crescendo to Disaster


the excitement

the roar of the crowd

whistle ringing in my ears

blinding lights, energy builds

3,000 people first of the season

now ready to march onto the field

on the field 150 pairs of eyes burning

something’s wrong, goes quiet around me

except the sound of my heart now in my ears

mistake made like a nightmare I wish was over

led the band ten yard lines over too far DISASTER


--- D Dick



Out of the Ordinary


A crumpled grey stone

thrown to the side of the road

The car is unrecognizable


an unexpected turn

sharp, to the left

the car flips


end over end

end over end

end over end


if this were a movie,

the windows wouldn’t be shattered

the car wouldn’t look like a ball of metal


coke cans wouldn’t liter the road

no one would lose an ear

no spine would be fractured


the shrill of the sirens

brings me back to reality

broken glass, mashed metal, injured bodies, weathered love



---H Finnell



Simple Sacrifice


As my shadow

the residue of my fear,

becomes warped behind a towering

flame, echoes of screaming charge my pulse.


My blood boils, melting my face with sweat, revealing the innate beast within me.


Breaking free

my beast carries life

out of the burning monster,

stealing satisfaction from disfigured jaws.


The 9th floor was silent,

until my heart pumped, "9-1-1!" 


Dizzy and dazed

my vision blurred;

two black and yellow figures

floated in the distance.


They approached rapidly and caught me as I fell.  They sacrificed all to save my simple soul.


---G Love



Rely on God


Two suitcases for each person

One full of El Evangelio de Juan

The other, clothes, toothbrush, deodorant, tennis shoes


Juan arrives in Mexico alone

He wonders why he is ignored

He has all they need within his pages


A different language but the same power

If only they would read him

If only they could see


He has been there all along


--- R Davis


A monster


Something with no name,

swallows him whole from limb to limb.

He was sneaky and greedy,

only wanting the upstanding trumpeter.


A monster from head to toe,

his joking like an evil jester,

his angry teeth still gnawing,

attacking the rest of the musicians.


Remembering what happened,

the monster sits and waits yet

for that trumpeter

quietly walking among the halls.


---M Ulm


Letter with No Name

A week away from parents and chores
Living out of bags and sleeping on floors 
Disgusting food, meeting new friends
Pranks on others, excitement never ends

A note from an admirer revealing a crush
Reading with friends, concealing my blush
Empowering ego is on the rise
Anticipation growing in size

Haven't met, the week is fleeting
Still waiting for that perfect first meeting
time has come it's finally here
time to be brave and have no fear

Sitting alone for over an hour
Holding a single, lonely white flower
The hands of the admirer finally came
friends, the author of the letter with no name.


---M Wilson


Torn Apart from Knee to Heart


The pain, piercing

Walls, closing in

The snap, so loud


The snap, so loud

Did anyone else hear it

It’s getting cold on this hard floor

Am I laying down


Am I that clumsy


I’m the best

This can’t happen

Not my knee


I’m dizzy

Yet they’re pulling me up

I can’t believe I fell

Did I get caught in the net



I’m the best

This can’t happen to me

Not my knee


---K May

Blacked Out


The sun awoke to my starving stomach,

I rolled off the covers and began a mission.

My frosted fruit pastry triggered a place


That could not be touched by any cornflake.

No matter how much my mom continued to buy

The whole grain shredded wheat, I will ever return

To my berry-filled pastry crust.


Sister watches as I reach for my final fruity delight,

A thwack thumps my dome with alarming force. 

My legs give out; she doesn’t think twice.


Arriving to the doctor’s office barely awake

To find prescription for a minor concussion.

Suddenly I realize I never got my precious brunch,

‘Cause while I was out, all she did was munch. 


---S Roher



On My Knees until the Moon Falls

Oh Night of unsurpassed darkness
Your moon veils amidst clouds,
Hanging like the blade of an axe
You dangle it by a thread
Then pause, to hear me beg

Please just let me forget
Let me move on
Let me sleep
I'm bleeding lifeless,
Bleeding dry
Hear my fainted, hopeless cry

Frankly, Night,
I've had enough
Let me leave;
Just let go –
Come early morning fog
I've vomited my last hot dog

---N Staley

Bloody Tuesday


Grass and blood awaken my senses.

A sustaining horn hurls me to a harsh reality.


too mangled to escape.


Little brother’s legs wave to me.

I try to pull them but all I do is color them red.

His legs speak, trying to calm me,

but it is no use because blood alarms me.


I search for the source,

and find somber reality in the touch of raw meat.




but a stranger consoles me, leads my escape out into reality.

Thankfully I am not alone,

sheltered by a community of souls.


---J Caby

The Smell of Ice


On the first day,

we had hamburgers.


On the second day,

we had hamburgers.


There are not thirteen

ways to fix a hamburger.


Soon I smelt of them,

of meat, ketchup, and mustard.


Soon, everything

looked like a hamburger.


The surrounding mountains

the bun, businesses the meat,


Houses the cheese,

snow, the ketchup, and ice, mustard.


Soon a napkin restored Harrison

and I did not have hamburger.


---A Zirkle

May Days


As the yellow bus makes its routine stop

I caper onto the sizzling asphalt,

The air is still within the arch of the clouds.


I storm home,

Only to see the destruction those May days bring

Hearing the annual moving news.


Memories pass and friends' faces slowly fade

Skies open up with torrential downpour

streaming down my face

Picturing myself on another lonely yellow bus.

---N Floyd

Last Goodbye 


A lazy Sunday morning,

awakened by an unexpected ring,

I commute to Cox ICU.


Blood-shot eyes and heart-felt hugs, the stench

of rubber gloves and ill patients sicken me,

and gel sanitizer dries out my skin.


My stomach becomes queasy,

and uncertainty clouds my eyes

as I slowly approach his room.


Beep, beep…beep, beep.


Shock, sadness, and questions.


What were you thinking?


I squeeze his hand,

hope for a return

but still, nothing.


It’s time to say goodbye,

I hope you can hear me…


--Jam Sabel


On a Rollercoaster


The people are like ants

opposite the expanse of the water below

but I am stuck at the top of this creature,

with no place to go.


With the steel blue giant mocking me

and the cool breeze in my face,

I think of the many terrible things

we meet, both personally and as a human race.


Praying to God for me to get down

with lukewarm tears and the setting sun,

I vow that if I get down…


I will try with every nerve and sinew

to live my life to the fullest extent,

praising God for more time…

which I promise will be most well spent.


I will cease to worry

about trivial things.


--- B Block



Oportunidad Perdida


If we were watching

a horror movie

a knock on the window

from a man with

ripped clothes and

tousled hair would make

the girls in the van scram.


On the opposite side

of town, the man with ripped

clothes approached us slowly

the girls panicked

fear filled their eyes

and they shook in terror.


We slowly turned away

and killed that man

guarding the words

“God loves you”


---B Hankins

An English Dungeon


I enter the dungeon, a trap with no windows.

I can barely breathe, crowded and cramped.

Where can I go from the pressure?


I can see rats and maggots crawling.

I know yet no escape.

One with the filthy rats, I feel trapped forever.


In prison I verse with Doyle and Strunk

Duane my friend is nearby and enchained as well.

The dragon’s games we must play, "Write on."


My nightmare continues around the clock.

This dragon is evil and corrupt his ADD will slay me.


I am tortured, but I have an option.

I will escape I see a way out.

I hold the key to write to my pardon.


Freedom has come, the dragon is vanquished.
With him I am through, I have made the grade.
I have but one question: I paid cash for this pain?


---J Fox


Chinese Treat


Sitting at my right arm

an eight-legged creature squirms

as it waits for me


Reaching for it

my nervous hand shakes

and two sticks slip through my fingers


Swallowing fast

the living creature fights

against my throat


Blue dye explodes

in my mouth like

a juicy red tomato


I gag in disbelief

as I  conquer

the wiggly creature


--- M Hodges

Grand Canyon Spin                                                                               

Standing close to the edge,

she was a little bird.

Her nature was to leave the ground

below--toward the Canyons' colorful plateaus.


First, she would need to take flight.

She ran right to the edge of the rough, layered boulder.

It was too late to turn back now.

In a moment of exhilaration, her feet left the ground.


Her head was completely over the edge.

She was really flying!

Performing acrobatic circles and spins in the air,

the depth of the canyon did not matter to one with wings.


The rail lining the edge of the great monumental abyss,

acted as reality caught her waist and spun her around.

She was then pulled right back into safety by my father.

To a bird, it felt like being roped to the ground.


My sister discovered a couple of things.

She was, in fact, not a bird.

And to make the unbearable worse,

a child safety harness makes tethered flying safe and boring.


--- C Whitaker

Disturbing the Peace


Sitting in silence, honoring, respecting

Reflecting on the life of a grand friend


What is love, baby don’t hurt me, projecting

Intruding from the pocket near my rear-end


I recognized the song when it started playing

Why it went off, I could not understand


Heads whirl, eyes dart, angry and glaring

I think next time my phone will not attend


---M Hamm






the wafer in the toddler’s eyes.

she does what she pleases

with it only to spit the wafer back out

after she has sucked all of his potential

leaving him with no hope

ruining his dreams and aspirations.

then, she prepares her next assault.


---W Godsy




Dark grey skies loom overhead with

A gloomy sign of foreboding.


From these skies,

A light drizzle descends

Upon motor city.


Competition races on asphalt,

And in my case

On all weather track.


This meet would forever

Remain in my memories

Like a deep paper cut

Stinging, and aching in my mind.


Little did I know

My final jump

Would be my next.


My foot slips

And the sound of a shotgun



With a broken leg

Comes a broken dream.


A bronze medal

Is a dangling memoir

Of brokenness.


After months of crutches

And a blue plaster leg

I’m back on track.


---T Brown


Texas Summer


Over-excited youth with their big smiling faces

Come from Wentzville suburban lifestyles

In their designer clothes

From their satisfying dinner

With their Bibles in hand

Ready to serve

Ready to reach people for God


Texas Summer day

One lonely and sad man

Comes from the streets of downtown Dallas

Trying to figure out his next meal

Ready to earn his next dollar

Ready with drugs in one hand and gun in the other


The perky youth jump onto the downtown streets

Footsteps of the two worlds

It isn't food he wants

He reaches for his gun

The youth gasp and scream

Police shove his face to the ground

Yet another soul unreached


---Ji Simpson




Relationship Pick-up


A relationship is often a gamble

Things start out right and appear to be perfect

But something is bound to go wrong


Kings, queens, jacks

He and I mirrored their smiling faces

The joker rumored the ace


A little bend, a little push

We knew the rumors were was trouble

The other hand was a royal flush


we were just friends nothing more

there was nothing that should have made

anyone think "SCORE!"


The mirror "busted"

The rumors had won

Our game appeared to be done


We were both upset

We resolved to fold

Because of what everyone had been told


Bu we made a new game plan

We called their bluff

The rumors had made us tough


We decided to go all in

Believe it or not

We took the pot


---K Haas


Scared Jackets

Many say you can't Learn through Osmosis.
From Shoelace to Forehead I Disagree.
Books made an Impact on me that Thanksgiving night.

Impressions are easily written when you're Two.
I don't want to Learn that way anymore.
I have the Scar to prove It.


---E Schneider

Good Mourning


Don't worry about me

I'm much happier now

Eat your dinner in front of the television

Watch Wheel of Fortune every night

Scream the answers

Since Grandpa is there to carry on our tradition


---S Shelby

Cold Tree War


The branches compete

To make the loudest noise

From the fall

To see how much they can destroy


We try to duck

And hide from the falling explosions

We are scared

Of the damage they could do


They don’t care

They live to fight


---C Morris


Failed Suicide


The dark residue

of unhealed emotions

stalls the machine and

produces Tears.


---Je Miller