Spring 2006 “Most Influential Person”




Senior year was quickly coming to an end

And you were there

From the first day, to the concerts

To the musical, to the dance


Doing my hair and my nails

My makeup and my dress

Millions of pictures

Because your little girl

Was all dressed up


Then the day finally came

To walk down the isle

And I look to you

Like the years before


---A Thomas

The Example


Lightly gripping the wheel

Listening to Country Gold

Dad drives towards turmoil and pain


With the boss walking into the room

And a cake sitting on the table

The younger party starts


Dad does not say a word

He forgives and cheers in spite

He cheers in spite


---J Arnold

A Clear Vision


Bedtime stories and songs

of sunrises and sets.


She kneels

with her swollen

aged knees

and her weak eyes

before her Creator

and prays for me.


I kneel

with my young

vibrant knees

and my fresh eyes

before the Creator

and pray with her.


She forgets her glasses

we don’t need them to see Jesus.


---M Morrison

A Parents-Prevision


An early morning

On their way to work

Antlers came prancing along


Nature skipped

And parents screeched

But it was too late


Danger jumped in and out

Giving “hit and run”

A new meaning


Pain shot through parents

But help soon came as

Yellow lights thump toward them


The pain leads to confinement

And life seems to change

Love even seems to cease


BUT love is continuous

Seeing that all needs are met

Though once interrupted


---N Colt

Because of You

(Breakaway Kelly Clarkson 2006)


Eyes are fixated on that spot,

Straining to hear the rhythmic plot.

Heart and beat drowned out the notes,

I strain for the top of the votes.


Now here above the crowd I stand,

Pray to endure the judge at hand.

A change erupted the steady pace,

It turned fear to profound grace.


This talent I have now acquired,

A girl from Texas has inspired.


---H Sukany

Love Acted


Checking the “gadgets”

stepping on the gas

and finally backing out of the driveway

without fear, I begin to drive the roads.

But Mother, sitting in the passenger seat,

begins to look a little uneasy, yet allows

me to continue, despite her desire to stop.


And still I drive

with mother lovingly sitting beside me


---R Hill

Iron Love



            Sculpted me in the shop while young

Brought me up under their armor

Edged my life in the ways of the Lord

Cut the ever-essential love into my life

Just as a blacksmith pounds iron

My parents sharpen


---M Pierce

Strong Cover


In a Chinese restaurant, one day stands out.

Food bar, smell of rice and cat,

Cheesy oriental music, one booth, always used.


One man, one father figures love.

A bond is built,

It is remarkable and it is unbreakable.

Day in and day out,

Guidance provided and discipline supplied.


One man leaves.

My father figure gone,

The call of God.

But our love still strong.


---A Carlsen




High tide comes in

threatening and cancerous

turbulent and dislodging

the weak of heart to expose the shore.


Low tide flows out;

the shore adapts to a scorching fever,

since sea life is no longer a threat,

and change becomes visual.


But tide pools bring joy;

the scorching disease

submerges in diluted calmness

basking in the pools’ ripples.


Life lives

day by



---M King


On Line


As the putter strikes the ball there is a "ting".

The ball starts out on a carefully considered path.

Direction changes both horizontally and vertically.

The destination is now out of the hands of all.

The contour green is most definitely in control.

Nothing more can be done by the putter.


The ball makes its journey to the cup


Father had known the direction all along


---M Hefley




When at a young age, I made a mistake

Gave away the most important symbol of her marriage

Her wrath and anger I could feel in my sweat

But the look in her eyes I’ll never forget


A look of forgiveness, compassion, and love

Drives the character which she’s taught me to become

Her gifts of pure love have forced me to see

That the most important symbol of her marriage is me


---B Acker




In two weeks we will meet,

And be struck by twitterpation.

The warm sensation fills my heart,

As your very presence triggers my senses.


            You stand pigeon-toed,

            And your brunette hair floats in the soft breeze.

            The enchanting smell of perfume

            Brings to memory our candlelit dinners.

            Brown eyes engage me.

            Your face is flawless,

And your skin glows

            Like a sunset on the ocean


Our moments will last forever,

When two become one.

When you are mine,

And I am yours.


---Z Tarter


Leader of Friendship


During a savage time, entering the years of the teens

I looked up to this guy and all the wisdom he brings.


Take for example, my teeth; he told me to floss ‘em.

Wow what advice! That’s just incredibly awesome.


Always on the move, faster than a Hun,

He turned everyday events into all kinds of crazy fun.


With a watchful eye, he seemed to keep me in place.

If I fell out of line, came a love-punch to the face.


His kindness and guidance set my problems right.

Jumping sofas and tagging lasers, we stormed into the fight.


Sneaking through a pitch-black church, we escaped some tricks.

Telling others tales of our journey to the Matt Convention ’06.


Starting on a Wednesday night, befriending me at Radd,

You’ve had an impact on my life and for that


I’m glad.



-M Sams




A man of steel crushing a car with a single fist

Soaring through the sky wearing the battle suit of red and blue,

Flying faster than a speeding bullet,

Fighting the ugly, dark crimes of a crying world

Nothing can stop the soldier of love and strength.


My eyes burn through piles of metallic troubles.

Crushing the hearts of an unearned hatred

Casting away hard times and melting my way to victory.

I pound the world with my hate.

It is very real and cannot be undone

Despising loved ones around me


Nothing at all but a single stone--

A small, green rock from his land

Puts the fearless soldier to doom.

The same rock lingers in all of us

But there is a burning in His eyes

Just to know the sight of a soaring man.


-C Wessley


The Masterpiece


First my grandpa, my uncle, my aunt,

Now Dad


He paces throughout the room with a calm face,

Although anguish paints a transparent scene upon his soul.

Another year and he will turn thirty-six

            …Only if he makes it through.

He has confidence, however,

that the artists will paint the most elaborate piece.


So they begin their work.

The brushstrokes press against the canvas

As colors of red, white, and peach shine through.

The artists feel the pressure to make the piece masterful,

One mistake and the painting will be lost…forever.


One stroke left to paint across the neck.

It is finished.

The artists stand back in awe

As His creation returns to life.


---J Elder


Model Parents


My parents have always bent my life,

laying down rules and causing me strife.

They forced me to homework,

cut the grass, and use a fork.

They never grew tired of sending me to bed

or smacking me when I stayed up instead.

Their genes have condemned me to a lifetime of short,

along with baldness and stoutness, of course.


When mom would get angry, she’d model short.

Where then was my judge and my jury and court?

These were unnecessary…things we’d not afford

So instead my dad empowered an education board.

He always said it would hurt him worse than me.

“Give me that board.  I’ll show you…you’ll see.”

I cannot say that I was well-behaved as a kid.

I deserved most of the torment that they did give.


Discipline was necessary, I now know,

something to keep me on task and to grow.

Their influence has shown me how I ought to live.

I now thank them for the parenting they did.

I understand their ways, and hope that in time,

my kids will have parents, something like mine.



---A Brookens

Fawn Memories


Despair forces brown eyes to blink

As the young gallops from fear.

Security feigns within the woods.


The delicate hope mutes her white spots. 

Hardly graceful, her lanky legs strain

To find protection and stable pastures.


Mom abandons her young at last;

Small crowds gather in stillness.

The time to say good-bye has come.


Young stands frozen in her stance,

The hunter of hope beats tracks to her heart.

Then, like an angel, the doe’s mother

Approaches in gentle, smooth steps.


With her hook nose and puppet lips closer,

The wise doe extends her frail hands,

Fingers glittering of birth stones,

Reaching to offer unknown love.


To the motherless, it is a dance.

To the fawns, it is grace.


---V Fawn Eslit


Lonesome Abode


snapping out of a deep slumber

only to hear a mix of screaming and sobbing.

all the words grabbing, lashing

like a dull, rusty blade, rip deep

always criticizing, always pointing the finger

false accusations and jumping to conclusions


waking from sleep

this time to hear only sobbing

a half-empty house

laundry piled heap upon heap

dust on the empty bureau

dried oil on the garage floor



still waiting.


---A Lindeman


I left:


The fun at the Waffle House

Warhawk football games

Nights spent chasing people around town

Henry County High School baseball field

Friends who listened when no one else did

Friends who have been there from the beginning and never gave up

Friends who thought I would be there forever and make my life in the town where I was raised



I found:


The fun at the Truck stop

Bearcat football games

Backroading in Willow

Basketball games

Lasting friendships despite my past

Friends who came into my life unexpectedly

Friends who welcomed me into the new place where I would find my new life



I have two homes now, Georgia and Missouri. These two places have created some of the greatest memories of my life. Life here and there has helped me to create incredible stories to tell for years to come. These incredible memories are due to the friendships that I have created over the past eighteen years. Having friends in more than one place gives me a sense of security in the fact that they are always trusting and thinking of me. Distance doesn’t mean anything to them. With friends like that, lifetime friends are how I describe them.


--- J Krinke


The Grandfather

When I was just eight years old

The world came down

Upon my well-organized sandbox.


The fountain shook beneath me,

Water stood knee-deep,

And the sand lived outside of its container.


I was on my own.


The Grandfather taught me to use three simple nails,

Remove the deep, divisive waters,

And required me to use only the purest sand.


As I am rebuilding,

I learned the sandbox is more

than just a child's playground.


---B Blair