Spring 2005 "Tears"



Extreme Makeover


Life has a way

of making over

birthing death

and life

in the same instant

----G. Lutz



Back to obligations

the break has quickly passed.

Back to a routine

that is different from the last.


Encouraging words

reveal hidden fears.

Turning realizations

to uncontrollable tears.


My space is empty and bare

I am so far from home

but this season is different

I must brave it alone


Encouraging words strip confidence

Sending panic to my head

Giving my caller another thought

“Why didn’t I have mother talk instead?”


---K. Martin


'Twas a Wednesday night when my sister was born
Mom sat on the couch in a shirt that was torn.
When all of a sudden, she turned around
Sat up then she said, "Did you hear that sound?"
I said I had not and asked what she was thinking?
She jumped up fast, "I think I am leaking."

We went to the hospital quick, in a flash.
The nurses and I, we started to clash.
The baby was coming; complications weren't scant.
They told me to leave and I started to rant.
I turned to my mother and said, "I'm not going.
I've been this far, and I hate not knowing."

The nurses came in with some papers to sign.
"Please put your signature here on this line."
Off to the ER we went very quickly.
Getting me in was kind of tricky.
The doctor was mean, he yelled in my face.
"You won't come back soon to this place.

Kids having kids is such a disgrace!
And trust me I WILL remember your face!
Do you see the pain your mother is in?
This is birth control so you won't begin.
So get in the room, sit, and be still.
Don't look past the curtain, it could make you ill."

Me in my scrubs, Mom in her gown.
She laid on the table, taped and strapped down.
All of a sudden there was a cry.
They lifted her up, I let out a sigh.
The doctor looked up all shaven and shorn
And then he asked me to cut the cord.

I kindly declined, I told him no.
He then told me "take the baby and go"
To follow the nurses and to stay calm.
She looked so sweet right there in my arms.
The nurses then took her and laid her right down.
They copied her footprints and measured her crown.

A few days went by, my mom was all smiles.
We drove them both home, the whole forty miles.
The world was out and many visitors came.
To see my sister, she had gained lots of fame.
Throughout the years we have fought and such.
But she is my sister, whom I love very much.

---B. Mack

With My Life


As I sing on stage, tears sting my face,

every muscle tightening--I work to stand--legs shaking,

heart pounding,

trying to remain melodical but I can barely whisper Your name.

"God help me stay on my feet" all the while I

just stand there and weep.  

---J. Walton


but strife collected
gales formed
as thoughts swirled

Blasts of memories gathered
but remained restless
to return

Hopes twisted steadily
into a tempest

Endurance pending
the downpour’s end

---M. Swick

Ode to Blubbers


Truest friend was a reel catch

Never thought he’d sink away

Thought we made the perfect match

Till that fateful day


Eating he did too much

Snack of a plastic tree

He ate them everyday

But just enough for three


Slipped into eternal swim

Last goodbye I must present

To miss class would be impossible

So round and round and round he went


Points and quizzes missed

Like jokes truly blown

Blubbers and my English grade

Met fate at the porcelain throne

---M Decker

The Worst Day

My sleepy eyes opened as I rolled out of bed
Thoughts of utter joy raced through my head
The picks of the day were all I could see
I smiled as I realized the captain was me

I lazily meander down the hall
To the porcelain throne and tile waterfall
I scrubbed and I scrubbed with all of my might
Sending night’s dirt to its tomb, and out of my sight

Eggs over easy and toast from France
Topped off with juice my taste buds could dance
Like a champ I finished my food and it was yummy
But I soon felt a war in my tummy

I quickly stumbled back to my room
And opened my closet only to realize my doom
My dirty kickball clothes were found in my hamper
My joy turned to sadness, my mood took a damper

I moped to the couch and to my back I fell
For me it was a long day of “Saved by the Bell”
Zach, Kelly, and Screech couldn’t ease my pain
For I knew never again I would be kickball captain again.

---B Funke

His weathered hands
told many stories

His days were spent
planting in the fertile soil
that now covers him
A simple surgery
to repair
his soiled knees
Now he has a new pair
and no more pain
---Z Fleer

Bonfire of Life


Residence of ashes

Lies upon the ground

Memories are the kindling

That fuels the flames

A lifetime of dreams

The smoke carries away


Rain of kinship

Rinses the hurt away

Irrigates the land

Upon which new life springs.


---D Kalista


Wasted Tears


Why do these tears

stream down my face

Maybe because you chose

not to return to this place


I feel a little sad

Without you I’ll be lonely

and it seem to me, that you have

given up on yourself


But mostly I cry

because it is hard to see you say goodbye


I know the truth

that you will return

and saying goodbye

is only embarrassing you


I also cry

because I foresee

the awful fight

that will come so soon


But mostly I cry

because it is hard to see you say goodbye


I know our parents will be

angry in less than a week

They will never allow you

to leave behind this opportunity for education


Now that it is actually here

the discussion time

I sit here and I laugh

knowing that I was right


But mostly I cried

because it was hard to see you say goodbye


---I Locke



Field training in a land

where Brahmins

teach no grace towards those

who cannot be touched.


Lucida’s hands are empty,

her soul is dry.

Her world is want--

separated from His love.


I shouldn’t touch her,

but she is in my reach

lost in the darkness

of her own world.


I touch her anyway,

hold her hand--

no Brahmins, no Dalits

now we share a smile.


---W Walter




winds start to pick up

darkness moves in

everything suddenly quiet


a whirlwind of hormones blinds

up, down, left, right?

at the mercy of  the winds


latching to bits of sanity

at the mercy of the storm

emotions—beating, pounding


no shelter?

no control?


why is this happening?


“I don’t know”


---A Smith