Comp 2 Spring ‘04 Poems



In a dark, dark room...confused


'Til my head hurts.


So tired

Of thinking

In a dark, isolated room.


Whatever happened to the carefree days

Just months ago,

When I romped and played


Laughing and dancing in the sun’s bright rays

Falling asleep

With heart unweighted


So tired…

Of thinking…

In a dark isolated room.


---B Owens



Sweet voices gently tumbling over attentive ears

Joyfully proclaiming His glorious season

As melodic holiness rings in sanctuary

One sharp pitch screams out.

Smiles cease, pride plunges

As perfection takes a dive.

Hope slips through her fingers

Crashing to the ground

Hands raised, she surrenders.


---E O’Hern





 Clashing of wood, asphalt, and rubber

Flying black streak against blue sky and white mesh

Mid-summer's light fading to night                                            

            Imaginary red flashing and stick raised in glorious victory

Agonizing sound  fatal blow to the right

Crimson pain exploding in bright light

 Again light fades to darkness and silence


---D Neal



Screams of children

Flames envelope

Man in evil veiled

Death of love.

Life of horror

Memories felt

Terror unleashed



---B Sanders



The worst part is his eyes

They seem to have no soul

As they probe her flesh

Making her wish she were dead


He is an inhuman devil

Hatred seeping through his veins

Chains drape around her neck

Like a slave


She is a tainted virus

At the stroke of his hand

a frightened child

drowning in her fears


--- D Dunkin



"She's Gone" cuts my heart

   weight tied to me

    Tears stream

     A hood of grief and darkness

      truth and love

      healing my mind

     A white blanket of peace

    Mary walking the streets of gold

  Smiling like a beautiful rainbow


---K Andrews

Innocence and Understanding


A great treasure held in the child's eyes.  He had happiness in barrenness and was given love's seed.    A love planted in his own tongue.  The forgotten labor bears fruit and returns in full bloom.  He hears the words and runs away happy, not knowing the truth he sowed in me.  Tonight, I lie awake, many seasons passed; the paper is torn, the gifts have gone, and though the box has too, the act lives on.


---B Cranston

My Mission


A blend of laughter and music

like a woman in labor

a clash of exhaustion and excitement

saints performing, sweat falling

people watching, people watching

they're starting to realize The Miracle

they're starting to witness a miracle

it is finished, it is finished

hearts searching, hearts rejoicing

a new child is born


---A Villio



Nothing seemed real

A fluorescent hum filled the surgical air

A noise as thick as sorrow


Like white capped oceans

Agony fills my heart

Then Crushes and Crushes it again and again


Lean on me brother

We'll share pain

Let the tears fall and calm these sobering waves


---D Burkhead

When God


given the remote to our lives,

Sometimes turns us without signal

and other times just slows us down to enjoy the ride,

our batteries never fade.


By grace we're capable of U-turns

finding our way back to the course.

We never really get out of His range.


Now with many years passed,

I still share the faith of this young boy,

only through the lips of a man

still being steered and shaped into something greater.


---K Swinford

The Aftermath


New York City

A million faces

Walk through your heart

Inner rage

Outer sorrow


Chain link fence

A million faces

Hold close the missing

Joyful pasts

Hopeful futures


Three long years

A million faces  

Brave each new day

Amidst death

New life


---M Penny


Steak Dreams


The night approaches

Eyes finally close

Running down a country road

The cattle are everywhere


The road beneath turns

To a slide, down, down

Rough concrete, then stop

A bovine prances near


Hooves approach

A look of despair

Teeth close

Posterior, hurt


The terror fades

The morning shines


How unpleasant


---T Chatman

Storm Clouds


Call to Me

Out into the woods

The April torrent begins


Trees so strong

Unwavering and comforting

Absorb the storm

Without question


Daisy's conforming

Bow their heads

 In despair


The tree’s unyielding strength

The daisy covets


---J Stoffer