Pet Peeve Poems


Ryan lied to those he knew
And those he didn't
They did not know why
They never knew why

An old man asked for directions
Ryan without a cause 
Sent him to a gang alley
And he never came out

Now just a blurb in the newspaper
Just an obituary line
No one knew why the old man was in that alley
But Ryan knew

The losses untold 
And no one knows the number
The losses untold 
And no gains appear 

---- Michael Haub


promises, vanishing hopes
Disillusionment crushing
Heart forever hushing
Shattering like a broken mirror.

Like a pawn
Dissolving to dust
Do bishops mean
what they say?

Do kings mean what they say
Mean what they say?
I thought I was your queen
And you were my king.

Checkmate--mission completed
My other half
Rook of my heart
Guess that was just for a day.

Dark knight
Stuck in a deep cave
Never again to see the light
Never again to trust.

--- Brittany Moore

In Cuticle

Why do you have them?
Why must they grow?
I used to like you,
Then you let them show.

Now you disgust me,
I cannot stay,
Because they are nasty,
Get out of my way.

I have to go,
And get out of here,
‘Cause those things, babe,
Are my greatest fear.

I'm out the door,
Down the road I sail,
Because I cannot stand,
Your long fingernails.

----Joshua R. King

First and Third

  Paul runs to the edge of town, 
falls on the gravel and can't get up
Till someone comes by and offers a ride
to the hospital just minutes away. 
  Nurses help Paul – 
clean the wound and bandage it well,
Give him antibiotics
and a warm clean bed so he can rest.

  George builds shelves for his wife, 
in the middle of a tropical island.
He runs upstairs with his foot bleeding,
a nasty wound from a rusty nail.
When the infection sets in,
there are no doctors,
nurses, hospitals, or even antibiotics
No wheelchair when his leg swells blue
No valium when tetanus seizes George
His hands go stiff, 
he can barely breathe
Oh God!
No medicine.

----Melissa Tinker

Color Schemes of the Left Turn

Sitting still.
The radio
Flowing through my ears.

Can't move--trapped.
Annoyance, a few cars ahead
Prevents progress.

Still sitting.
The radio
Pumping through my head.

Curse another pulsating left signal.
Intrapersonal complaints.
Left turns yield on Green.

Shoot across.
The radio
Pounding through my brain.

Red and Blue.
Flashing with sirens.  I swear
Yellow when I started.

---Lindsey Gaddis

The War to be Won

In a dark and desolate place
  Like war
I long for everlasting love
  Which I cannot find

I cannot find this place

A district known as White Chapel
  But my spirit's dead

At the Masque I search
  But I don't find

I see people walking to Cathedral 
  As that building is called 
They seem to be at peace
  Peace that I cannot find

So I remain 
  a lost soul.

---Tiffany Lindsay


Living in her element came by blessing

Friendship towards sisterhood

Struggling to make her understand


Imagining her lost for eternity

Almost home and not another chance.

---Danielle Patton

Turn Signals Absent

Without a blink,
A light inside I am filled with rage.

Move your boisterous mobile
With a straightforward warning.

Would you appreciate me
Tearing down the road
And unexpectedly ripping out
Cutting short
To dodge certain death??

---Cassandra Allyson Glinski

Surf or Save?

Surfing through channels,
Remote batteries die.
Sitting, staring, watching ahead.
Tribes in Africa need money and food.
Staring, seeing these tribes hurting.
Don't want to see this.
I need new batteries to change the channel.

New batteries. Surfing begins again.
Next channel. New channel.
Again, starving, hungry, needy children,
Thin, thin as my arm.
Children in Africa need money and food.
 Help is needed. Needed immediately.

Children, hungry and dying,
Takes time to help.
Send money for food.
Share your blessings

Or surf?

---Rebekah Rasor

On Judging Others

As they try to 
Find a fault 
In their neighbor's eye,
I wonder why
They don't stop 
To think about 
Where their own
Wrongs lie.

---Elaina Lewis

Archaic Travelers

Infesting like the plague
Too feeble and aged to walk, run, but not to steer
Swerving in and out, sideswiping, 
If only they were first born
Must keep quiet though
They are all around

---Michael Martinez

Go FUSE Yourself!

A simple push
A little poke
Not involving heartache
Just a little joke

A look of disgust
Malicious zeal
Receives the look back
“What's the big deal?”

The norm setting
My evil face
Would be on the other
Fused in my place

The last result
The bitter end
Red Fuse on my back
And bitter friends

---Nathan Hall

Sounds to Swallow


Those Doritos sound tasty.
Be careful that you don't choke on one.


You must be a soup person.
Let me get you a nice long straw.


Is that meat tender enough?
Perhaps I should get a sharper knife.


It sounds as though you’re enjoying your meal.
Would you like some help with that down your throat?

---Amanda Geier

Nowhere to Go

Few things get on my nerves
like bad drivers
like the fuel to fire 
causing the rage that burns inside

Nothing to do but yell
inside these closed doors, 
trapped like a rat in a cage
for reasons unknown to me 
motionless like the deer caught in head lights

I look left and see
 cars bumper to bumper
 like a junkyard piled high
to the right an exit, my savior
 but I don't know where it leads

So on I press 
down the road 
like gum to my shoe!

---Rachel Baumann


I watch 

Stressed peers staring at a text soon to be forgotten.

I wonder

Why pressure?  Intellect is nothing compared to wisdom.

My head is in Tolkien and Hemingway –

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”

Where is the line to be drawn?

Which route should I go?

Would I rather be dumb in all ways with a smile

Or know eternal answers with a tear?

I seek happiness, peace, love 

Not useless facts of trivia.

Wisdom is my route, 

Experience from within allows that achievement.

With wisdom received, 

Then will happiness fly to me?

I wait for the answer, with my head in the clouds.

---Jonathan Cisco

From a Bike

Pedaling along, sun shining, gentle breeze
about to enter the crosswalk 
when suddenly
out of nowhere 
a car crosses the path.

Squeezing the brakes on the handles 
the bike stops in time
As the truck zooms by.

Carelessness radiates from the truck
which noticed nothing
but continued on its merry way.

fading to green
 fading to blue
the  plate solves the mystery

---Rachel Nibbe


I've Lost It

I lost my favorite shirt today
Light blue with a little pocket
Last time I saw it was on my way
To the laundry room to wash.

I'll bet that girl from second floor,
the weird one with that funny smile, 
who shoplifts at the local store, 
stole my shirt 'cause she liked the style.

She must have followed me, that sneak
Down the stairs and through the lobby,
Then she stole my shirt, that geek
Kleptomania is her hobby.

I was mad so I let her have it.
I barged into her room with a shout,
"You stole my shirt with the pocket!"
She snorted back, "Get the heck out!"

She denied it all of course,
I slammed my door with a boom.

"Hey , there's my shirt on the floor inside my room!"

---Anna Mueller



Sea of bodies



Tortured by doubt



Needing a Savior

---Kevin Benedict

Leggo My Egocentricity 

An unhappy customer,
That's what I am,
And I bite my thumb 
At all who disagree.
A reasonable man is not
Who I strive to be.
I strive for expression!

Bad business,
That's what it is,
When ‘they’ won't budge 
On a ‘policy’
No matter the situation 
Or circumstance.

The world itself lacks
Intelligence for it does not
Revolve around me.
It is ignorant to the fact 
That I, as a whole,
Am greater than
The sum of its parts.

Though some may wonder,
“Why is it that one
So smart, kind, and wise
Would trade in aspects
Of conformity 
For abrasiveness?”
Their ignorance is
Annoying to me.

For reasonableness
And conformity
May pay off in the end,
With a few more ‘friends,’
But I prefer to be 
Myself, of course,
Who else?

For above all else
I desire something
A conformist could not
 Achieve, no matter
How hard he tried--

---Aaron Allison

In Time to Run

Awaken extra early because it is Monday Morn
Throw on a shirt and head out the door.
Drive to her house to see if just once
She would be ready when I arrived
She is not

Alone in the dark sitting on the steps
Just as every Monday and Wednesday
Napping an attempt to pass the time
As frustration and anger flood my mind
She's not ready

Wondering why she could not be ready
So we would not be late again
I could have slept much later
Too bad I am such a wonderful friend
She is not ready

Ignoring the hunger pains 
Which growl in my belly
Grinding my teeth in an attempt
To hold back the fury building within
She is still not ready

Mostly dressed she comes out the door
Carrying her pop tart and tennis shoes in hand
We get in the car and fly down the road
Sitting beside me she puts on her shoes
She is finally ready and so am I

Ready to open the door and kick her out
Ready to grab the pop tart and shove it up her snout
Ready to snarl, scream, and shout
Ready to watch her cry and pout
Ready to explode there is no doubt

We arrive at the field moments too late
The conductor directs us toward the gate
As we run I look filled with much hate
But I am soothed at the thought of this being fate
At least I was ready so I am first rate.

---Steven Worstell

See Food Symphony

Every instrument plays loudly
Keeping an even tempo
Notes echoing through the silence
Absorbing all who will listen
Supplying a peep show 
To the music of the mouth 
Each having its own conductor
In a concert that no one wants to hear

---Rachel Keith

Brown Nosers, Posers, Wanna Be's

The world would be a better place without them
They are like maggots to rotting carcasses
when the boss walks in.

Lost are they like a baby looking for its mom
They are the kids we tease all the time because
they don't like who they are or know what they want.

Friends for them are the personalities they have,
its a wonder as to who they will be for the day
like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

Why can' t they be themselves? 
Why are they so fake?

---Justyn Grant