And then he said...
And then the lecturer said

…life is about skills.
Is about developing skills.
Whether it is playing the violin
Which requires a gentle and practiced touch
Writing papers
Which requires a steady and practiced hand

but alas,
my gonzos* and I
fail to understand
glazed and glossy eyed
blank versed

Bright scholars
The arts do no monopolize practice
Basketball players know my truth
For their sport
Requires an elbow with perfect bend and practiced wrist
This practice allows them
To stay the game

E Dixon

*Gonzo: Relating to gonzo journalism, which is a style of journalism that is written subjectively, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative.
Knights’ White Fight
we make a plan to take
a stand and fight for what we
know is right, sneak around under
the ground, find the cage and
use our rage to free with
whom we now flee, with Faith now
safe, our cups we raise,
a toast unto our happy host

B Swenson