USS Alabama 

Down south in Mobile Bay,
the graying behemoth rests peacefully.
Onboard loom silent guns,
reminders of previous battle.

She sails into Japanese seas,
engaging enemy ships and zeroes,
enormous rounds thunder through clouds
of smoke, raining fire on the enemy.

Such brazen power freed,
the steady fortress
shakes from the rumble
of its angry shower, its hail of steel.

The shockwave of storm
sends chills up my back;
the enemy’s proud face
is now drenched in fear. 

---J. Andrews
The Day Before

I called to wake her
wondering if she ever would.
More than ever, I want to hear her voice. 

I hear her breathing
long, slow
into the phone
tears falling
wetting .

I awake
to wet the phone again.
More than ever
I want to hear her voice.

---A Johansson

Walking, talking,
making memory lane with a friend.
Voices hushed by light erupting across the sky.

Illuminating star.
Brilliant star.
Everlasting, almost.

Two-second pause,
new friends for you,
for me.   

Friendship. Love.
So you know,
I wished for you.

---D Johnson
Christmas Stocking

Each year, and every year
candy, gum, and lottery tickets.

To my surprise
a pink reflection of my face
in a heart of love.

A keychain shaped
in the person
who gives, never takes,
always thinks of me.

In my hand
a pink, heart-shaped keychain
a key to many roads.

---A Tonjuk