Greatest Emotional Experience


dark jazz


penetrating smoke

in a dark room,

the blue musician sits alone,

his company has left.


augmented views

distort his music

he is feeling sharp

needing to be tuned


saying infamous words

everyone hears, but hates to say


the moon hangs a little lower

as she walks inside,

contemplating thoughts

of damage done.


the metronome sings

filling her blue tear room,

as jazz music fades into the night,

his company has left.



---B Blankenship 19.01.2006


Jeremiah’s Call
“For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the Lord. (Jeremiah 29:11)

You reassured the plans
a shrug of the shoulder makes them disappear.

i copy her
silly red lipstick, curled lashes, and hairspray
‘cause feeling pretty is far
too important.

she circles, fake smiles as we pass
days promise
grey sidewalks staring back, mocking me—
yet i match their color.

empty exchanges with
meaningless faces
pitter patter of unaccompanied footsteps,
invalid excuses for early nights—

something doesn’t fit.

--S Danford 20 January 2006

Unusual Icicle


The waiting is torturous,

a painfully new feeling.


The Eve that causes sleepless nights

and fearful anticipations

unwraps like the presents.


Red and green swirl into one.

The drumming of my fingers

becomes an endless cadence of the Eve.


A simple white box

hides heartache and confusion,


and another shimmering box.

But hope is a glimmering ornament.


Sudden bursts blaze

tear trails on mothers’ faces.


“Do all rocks sparkle?”


---M Truelove  20 Jan 2006



Nine months of shallow breathing
Anticipation builds by the moment
Not an eye astrays during your arrival
Your glistening body--tiny and sweet
Your eyes--soft and wondering
Your scream so devastating
The introduction of a new love.
--R Maggard 21 January 2006