JAN TERM 2004  Warmest Memories


Remember Frank, remember?

      Mourning Docks, we understood their cry
           Murderous waves stab gentle styrofoam walls
                        Docks plea for mercy moaning
           “Will we ever find rest O Comfort?” 

                              Remember Frank, Comfort?

                            As we lie on thawed ice
                   Floating, flying, falling
Our lungs flood with air
          As the thief attempts to mutters out silence.

                                       “O Comfort!”

                                                 Is our plea
                                                     Find rest will we
                            Ever on the waves of eternity.

---Nathan Ross

Not too hot, not too cold
Elderly Fruit, wrinkled and old
About the Sun I rant and rave
As well as oceans' salty waves
Content I sit upon my butt
Opening a Coconut

---Eric Davey

The Door now closes sealing this tomb
My life slips silently away to the dark abyss
Mouths move to save the fading lives
But silence is all that echoes in my mind
The coldness chokes my last gasp for life.

So dream me now to another time
Where warm waterfalls massage weary muscles
And laughter fills the fields of daisies
Where freedom is the only word in the dictionary
And lessons merge to lands so far far away.

---Chris Penning
The Other Side

The fusing of our bodies
Communicates real existence,
For a moment.

Away from entangled dangers
Surpassed calumniators
Abandoned celestial sphere
I know.

Two Weeks

---Megan Beasley