Comp 2 January 2003

Favorite Things

Aliens single file on Seventy-Six
Screeching stops 
Pseudo blinkers
Apparently exempt from traffic laws

Speed limit: fifty-five?
Crumpled maps
Fingers pointing
Staring at the sidewalk super-highway

---Kate Jett


War among pirates pride
Clash of courage will begin
My golden glory given to those that win

Head biting tail
Metallic shine in the light
A prophet of fortune, a decree by right

I fly like a falcon
And sore like a hawk
He receives me as a babe while charging for the chalk

We glide down field
Across the turf we dash
Bodies fall to the ground as they collide and clash

He is my true love
To his heart I am near
But when our frolic reaches its goal I start to fear

No kiss of compassion
No recital of romance
He hurls me to the ground and abandons me to dance

Now my heart is broken
I begin to weep
For what fate delivers next is a mighty leap

It is not the ravaging run
Nor the prolific pass
Destiny has decreed, but a kicking of my


---Paul Goode