The Greatest . . .

The Final Draft

I never laid eyes on the first draft
Though I’m in constant pursuit of it
No run-ons or fragments, just complete sentences
Not even a misplaced comma! Always, a draft ahead

While I live a life of revision and outfit plagiarism
Picking a fight with a breathing thesaurus
An acrimonious dispute over the last three pizza rolls
A growl, a grumble, a tug-of-the-hair--my greatest comeback

My sister molds my thesis statement
and calmly peer-edits my life
The A+ I aspire to reach, the person I hope to become
The only draft I will ever see is the final draft

--A Boutross 5 Dec 2016
United Problem Solver

Today was destined to be
The greatest day in history
The first class with Mr. Sukany
If not for the postman

It’s a simple request, really
To order and receive
Schoolbooks in a manner that is timely
But tell that to the postman

Today was on track to be
The beginning of an A+ semester
I’d sit in the front with my books and study
Oh wait . . . that postman

It’s a simple request, really
I will succeed and excel
With the help of my wise professor
And no thanks to the postman

--H Chavez
An Ageless Game

Rises above Hole One.
She aims into the sun.
Blisters forming, putts falling,
Junior tournaments are calling.

Firm hands grip her club with might,
She chips away at a future so bright.
Her putt drops in the final hole,
Golf has satisfied her soul.

--C Cox
Game One of the 2015 World Series:
Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets

At the speed of lightning the game is underway.
Skies are painted a gloomy shade.
Pouring rain and no sunshine.
Aggravated fans begin to whine,
But with stakes so high, they have to stay.

An in-the-park homerun. An instant replay.
A tight game is in store today.
It all comes down to which team will shine
Past the speed of lightning.

Hosmer is heading home, a catcher in the way.
Nervous fans jump up for a nail-biting play.
But the throw is wild, way off first base line.
“Safe!” calls the umpire, Mets fans begin to whine.
Royals steal the win, sliding onto game two the next day,
Taking the series at the speed of lightning.

--E Ezzell
Blitz-City Camp

Sweet kids arrive and nervous parents leave
Excitement is about to explode like a ticking bomb
Summertime is here and camp has officially begun.

Sally and Susie running around, having a blast
First day fizzles to an end, and bedtime is bursting right around the corner
Girls are singing at the top of their lungs and dancing like nobody's watching
It’s soon to be a restless night in cabin three.

Sun shines and birds chirp
“Good morning, Good morning” is sung
As a collective “uggghhhh” fills each cabin

This hot day all boys are becoming sluggish
Free time is near and swim time is the bomblast of the camp
Candy shop is bombarded and Johnny and Jacob surge out with arms full of Skittles
These boys are about to taste the rainbow.

Running Around,
Bouncing Around,
Constantly Moving Around

Last day of camp is here
Exhaustion and bags are under every child’s eyes
Moaning and groaning is chattered
throughout Three Trails Camp

--M Hayes
white noise

blank pages
mouse clicks
keyboard taps
mechanical pencils

words drone by
hours pass
hum of static

I feel nothing
I know nothing
yet knowledge
surrounds Me

--S Verlautz

The Game I Love

I’ve watched and I’ve played,
On many days.
I’ve made memories
That will last for a lifetime
And friends that will too.

I run through the hole,
With the end zone in sight,
Sprinting seventy yards
With no defender in sight,

And throughout it all,
My love for football
Has never changed.

-D Bell 12/8/16
And Nothing was the Same

And nothing was the same
for her. A new school in mind
with a bigger goal to aim
when the paper she signed.

For her, a new school in mind
and summer was over.
The paper she signed;
Another step closer.

For her, a new school in mind
and summer was over.
The paper she signed
brought her another step closer

to her future and summer was over.
Now the time for move-in day
brought her another step closer.
For love and hope she did pray.

Lucky as a clover
is she, at her new home
friends to help her composure;
From here she will not roam.

Life became a different tone
with a bigger goal to aim.
Oh how she has grown
and nothing is the same

--K Brantingham
Race the Church

He beat me here. My Friend.
A large building. Many faces.

I have run out of places to hide.
I wonder if I will cross the finish line.

Run a new race exclaims the preacher.
Jesus carried our mistakes on that day, died for everyone.

Turns out the dead man is not so dead.
He’s moving again, The God of the Universe.

I, a sprinter to Sin and Lies. Undeserving.
I have finished this race, won a medal.

We form a large temple. Many believers.
He beat us here. Our Savior.

--T Dufur
Calvary at Noon

In horror, the crowd looks on at him.
Blood gushes from his every pore,
A crack of the whip, their faces grow grim,
Flesh on his back, he has no more.

They stare at him with glazed-over eyes.
So many rumors they have heard.
They feel no guilt for those horrible lies,
Yet this man utters not a word.

Some say that he deserves to die.
Some say he came to set us free,
Others mock as his death draws nigh,
Some fall on their knees beneath this tree.

--C Housh
University of Oklahoma

Success is the main thing,
always desiring to improve.
National Merit Scholarships
National Championship teams.

Small moments, small classes.
Outstanding. Professors who really care.
Just like the motto says:
“There’s only one”

--A Katsis
Roaming the Mind’s Meadow

Stories, tales, tails
Created, born, given life
With no regard

Paws left to prowl
   free on the open plain
Lost in the meadow of the mind

Explained on paper
Delivered in voices
Engraved in minds
Recorded on hearts

Smokey the Bear
Safe but surrounded by fire
Baloo . . . loving
but deadly as Shere Khan

Hate them
Love them
Poke them
Investigate them
Disturb them
Create them

Minds discover light in their forest
Voices tell their words
Images portray their reasoning
Ideas bring life to their meaning

Myths, Fables, Tales, Stories

--K Myers
Scarlet and Cream

The bland piece of land
To some just a lonely prairie
Or a route to Mount Rushmore
Where the desolate Sandhills lay

The home of Arbor Day
Possesses hidden treasures
Without the many homesteaders
Kool-Aid would not have been made

The Beef State has no coral reef
Just walls of rock creating Niobrara Falls
And boats saying “hey” to lake McConaughy
But mostly tractors sailing in waves of corn

Yes, riding in a cow’s water tank is a thing
Friends floating far down the Elkhorn River
The clanking of the tank against the water
Only in the Cornhusker State.

--R Norton
Life in 400 Meters

You start in a dead sprint
dash around the curve
The first 100 is new life
Not a feeling or chill in your nerve

You steady your pace
coast the straight
At the end of the two
Your mother goes to heaven's gate

You start to grow heavy legs in the curve
This 300 is no longer smooth
Your legs harden into cemented bricks
Both parents you lose

This final 400 is where the race is made
The path to the finish line seems so plain
You lean and cross the line and you lose your wife
Yet Joy The race is over and you see the ligh

--K Stewart
The Greater

In the mirror of the midnight sky
I search for something greater
off the edge of the bridge
where the answers lie

Drowning in unexpected fears
I take the leap of faith
As I fall   the wind fills my ears
I look down to see my heart

  as pieces   on the lake floor
Water stings my feet like millions of bees
Eyes open to the dark water closed on me
Doubts and my insecurities are dragged

to the rocky bottom
where there is no light
I see nothing but what
I searched for

--S Strickler