All I can think about is . . .
Falling away from Rest

        Rest, you could’ve been the best friend
        committed     fresh, instead you’re sideways gone     rough
        wreaking     ruined     shattering the peaceful still.
        You crept quietly down the street trying

        slinking     awkward, avoiding avid sack outs
        never hitting the soft ground    shut-eyed.
        Exhausted from the demands of the spent and spun

        you stalled in open breeze, you fell away freely
        hard    slightly off the edge of the table, like a feather     floating.

        Thoughtlessly seeking    surveying   locating a refuge to drift
        you stumbled and fell heavily.

        You are still like a lonely stone       gone and done, humming peacefully

R Skinner

“An author needs visual imagery to propel descriptive literature because…”

What I can understand
Is that all fish

Must have
The overlooked
The necessary
The Fin.

What I can know
Is the "fin":
The unseen uniform,
The mandatory missed-
The defining piece of existence
Of the visual imagery
    Of essentially everything
        Of a fish.

All literary pieces
    All visual imagery
All that is overlooked and read over
Is the Specific


M Applegate  12-18-14
Sunday at Arrowhead

    The fresh aroma of popcorn and hotdogs
    Mixed with the red sea of fans pouring into the stadium.
    Taylor Swift's Shake it off blaring throughout the stadium as loud as a concert. 
    Walking through the glass double doors down carpeted steps to my red seat.
    Watching players running around on the field preparing for the battle ahead.
T Joy October 29, 2014

When we first bought her
really small and our yard
was overgrown and she
had to jump up to get out
of the grass.  Now she rarely
moves from her patch of carpet.

C Bryan
A Steer is Always Delicious

I really want a steak
dinner. So I will
be full in my inner.
When my inner is full I
feel like a lottery
winner. I really want
a steak dinner. If I
do not eat a steak dinner
I am a sinner. Right
now my request is for
someone to cook me 
a steak dinner. I really
want a steak dinner. That
steer was a winner.

H Hullberg 10 Dec 2014
Triumph of Testing

The beast in the dark woods;
the monster under the bed.
The hero of a children’s novel.

Night and day we dance
to the ringing of steel and the clashing of shield.
My nostrils are filled with bitter sulfur.

My old enemy, the perfector of my anxiety
you will meet your doom today.
yet I will slay with my pencil
and your end will be met by my scribble.

B Johnson

A gaping void
To see the truth of the world filled with joy of the innocence
Or walk alone on a road of solitude and hatred
each of my dreams are inches away        yet          I              can’t          reach them
I can run till the end of the earth and never get close
To fill this void

J Quick
16 weeks

Excitement builds, some days more than others.
Holidays: Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Superbowl Sunday, all so spiritually surreal!
Not for me, my holidays are more frequent.
I celebrate every other day.
Excitement builds those days more than others.
Knowledge surpassing my expectations with outside influences.
New Critical Formalism, character and tone; however, none like sarcasm.
Oh how I love sarcasm!
If only I could use it more when I’m writing.
Excitement builds, some days more than others!
My hat is off to you, professor, mentor, King of English composition.
You have changed my world for I hath now been enlightened
Yea thy Admiration, Disgust, Honor and Disdain, I shalt know for it hath been decreed
will occurrreth my excitement , every Monday, Wednesday and Friday indeed!
B Carter

When I heard that . . .
The Letter
I walked to the mailbox, as I had for thirty-five days,
Pried open the disfigured door,
And there it was, staring me in face.
The moment of truth.

I reached in,
Held fate in my hands.
I tore the envelope
And began to read.

I informed Ms. Rose
Of my acceptance.
We discussed her alma mater
And the future ahead of me.

C Mason
The Mess

. . . I broke you
But you deserved it. You needed it
You were living on the fringes and I wasn’t happy.
How could you be happy? I wasn’t happy.
You wanted to be changed. You needed to be changed.
You needed to be like me... And now you aren’t happy . . .
Your eyes are black . . . I broke you . . .

The everlasting mess existed far before me.
It roamed freely among its preclaimed space.
So trusting of its allies,
Of which I became one.
I sold myself like a degraded mess
The lies came easy
I slowly began to assume control.
And out of your trust you began to follow.
And I began the development,  dedicated to destruction.

J Pullin

Resurrection of an English Score

No Comp 1 Score
Panic surges through my soul,
Making my stomach sink, what is in store?
Stress is already taking control.

Panic surges through my soul
As my mind races. I can’t believe.
Stress is already taking control.
I will prevail. I will succeed

As my mind races, to find what is needed.
I smother the fear that is smoldering into fire.
I have prevailed. I have succeeded.
Success is my only desire

I smother the fear that is smoldering into fire,
That once made my stomach sink. This fear is no more. 
Success is my only desire
I exhume my Comp 1 Score.

K Scifres
Early morning in the Villa

Waking up early will be the death of me
My teachers like to mess with me they are so crazy

8am  I’d say it’s a verb
Try waking early , its like you’re a Bird

Like a b-baller who never can play
I'm like Jordan on my homework

My Grades Fadaway

Early mornings in the villa
8am I’d say it’s a thriller

8am classes don’t play
Miss one you will be sure to pay

Early mornings in the villa
8am I promise its killer.

K Hutchinson

  Uneasy hands shake, doubtful of this fate
  And here she decides to stay, at least
  for the day. Stepping through the massive gate
  we play Follow the Leader - as cold winds
  travel across the secluded estate.
  And here is where she decides to stay?

  Unsteady eyes encounter a friendly
  face, helping rule out options on her plate.
  This sheltered dwelling appeals to her trait.
  Here she decides to stay. Traveling
  a long hour away on this move-in date.
  And here is where she decides to stay.

--- L Wools October 30, 2014

The Darkness of English Past


Class of Hell
cursed tongues
Satan’s favorite
‘tis my story to tell

English Comp Two
Mystical and dark
As for all unknown
I know what to do

Gather knowledge
Prepare for war
attain victory
defeat, I shall not acknowledge

Delving deep in mystery
Show me no more
of shadows of things that have been
my quest for knowledge is history


Error! Error!
Beyond belief
Filled with terror

As I discovered, nothing is true
Opposite of monotony
Opposite of dull
Who is he, who

Full of life
fiery sarcasm
stupidly quaint
Lover of strife

All is fair
In love and war
And English Comp. Two
Try the teacher’s dare

Boasts of instilling fears
Forges challenges
Harder than steel
From my eyes, trailing tears


English Composition Two
Bring it on
Let it begin
I can take you

Scorching battle
Pen versus teacher
Plummeting grade
The earth rattle

Enter a cloaked phantom
floating hand
pointing to the grave
hopelessness too great to fathom

Sound the victory bell
Death of Grades are no more
I have won the war

A Jenkins
Homemade Breakfast Between Brothers 

    One morning
        Before school.
His heart raced with excitement
        his big brother
            Going to make him breakfast!

      And a bowl of frosted flakes.

For a couple days
    I had let the milk sour
I offered my brother a delicious treat

I drizzled the milk over the frosted flakes
Then offered my brother
            a tasty treat.

 He dug into the pancakes and eggs
    like a wild savage
        Attacking his prey.

As he shovels the cereal into his mouth
    A sickening look shines through
        As he spews

E Kilgore
Family Meeting

A mental curtain safely surrounds me. 
Simplicities: Supper, Sisters, Schoolwork.

A word falls through his lips. 
Spreading: Suddenly, Swiftly, Sharply.

A tug at a shelter did not succeed.

L Doherty (Draft 10)

as I found out Jack took the next
cutting through the grey skies
 to defeat the evil that opposes our Country’s every
Millions upon millions of hours in the air
 to cargo those who serve along beside him
Jack’s pride comes from more than just victory
 It comes from flying for those who can’t
That is what joining force was all about
Stepping for those who need saving
Step. by step. living out a dream.

D Cantwell 30 Oct 2014
Growing Pains

         Distance between things,
                  Or People.
         Act of Absence,
                  From Home.
         Not occurring often.
                  Missing niece.
         Cease to happen.
                  My Grandfather.
         My Grandfather’s Life,

M Bowleg
FINAL: 15 May 2014

She told me she got diagnosed. . .

Sadness like raindrops on a grave,
streaming water on a window pane.

Worry. . . a loud boom of thunder,
a sudden attack of loud thoughts in my head.

Anger like a strong bolt of lightning,
striking all at once.

My bed like a reef of corals,
if my pillows were people they would have drowned.

C Madden