I am still amazed by...

As we swing out of those streets
Joyfully hum the pledge of bliss
Partners in this fast lane
Our roots become greedy to make us stay

We travel on through the Valley of Sorrow
(those feeble ladies will not be forgotten)
We climb up to the clouds
He and I are “forever always”

Painting our future with city lights
The May showers begin to fall
We rake the autumn leaves into a mass
Little feet to clutch our hearts

-A Huddleston
Thai Market

Bright lights don’t end when the sun goes down
The night lights up like a Christmas boulevard
Drawing the attention of tourists
Like moths
The travelers flutter into the streets
Darting between the collage of little shops
The pocketbook’s mindless eradication
The jingle slowly fading
Engage in wonders of the night

N Romeyn    11 December 2013

The teachers’ unclear
Giving assignments
Assigning papers
Grading them
Presenting poor grades

Students go to class
Writing unclear papers
Delivering incomplete assignments
Attaining poor grades

Change of format
Starting a new class
Writing fewer papers
Earning better grades

B Meyer

He wants the big biceps but lays in bed
Believes in weights but has no form
Spends hours in the gym, learns the technique.
Tries a curl, tries a curl, and completes a set
Swollen biceps return the weight

T Curts
Freshman Year at Southwest Baptist
a student walks on
and kicks off the best four years  
the season and classes await
and he is focused on pleasing the crowd
getting off to a hot start

-T Bell
Like Coats

wrapped around
quaking arms
from winter’s
biting breath,
their embrace speaks.

Arms encircling
My hands fastened
like buttons
around you.

P Brooks
Gills                                         5

I am a fish jerked out of water
Floundering for help
        Flailing, gasping
But no one cares.
They all walk past.
It’s just a fish
        Flailing, gasping
So there I lay.
Dead, obsolete, unknown,
Kicked out of the way and

-J Allen
The Tree

Family is where growth starts
The xylem in the middle
Giving wisdom from each branch
Supporting every frond
Every leaf

Blood consecrates what no one else can
Phloeing at the system
Transporting life
The nutrients the soul needs
The resin that holds the family together

Cells demonstrate
Learning, living

B Robinson
It Feels Good to be King

Lebron. King James.
Crowned with four MVPs over a five-year reign.
The noblest player in the game of hoops.
Making other players look like court jesters.
Highflying antics, game-winning shots.
Striving to be the greatest monarch of all-time.
It truly feels good to be king.

-C Robb
Burning Hole In My Pocket

Slick salesmen can easily fool me to make their profit.
I bought $200 worth of fine clothes
but they hang untouched in my closet.
Money is like firewood burning a hole in my pocket.
But a dollar is just a dollar burning a hole in my pocket.

-G Sanders 6 December 2013
Old Dodge

Original and undisputed
champion since 1970.

A Heavy weight that’s ready
for twelve rounds. Seasoned with age,
showing the scars of past bouts.
Punching through new generations,
A Charger that rushes in
For the win.

Rolling nickels, punching you back
into your seat. Sheet metal shield
that blocks any hit and ‘cut. No
gloves, white knuckle street sparring.
Scuffs pavement and opposition
in every tread. Built and her-
editary haymaking

Eight punch combo,
hitting with timed precision
Boom        Boom,
Boom        Boom
Like        Light,
Only        Faster
A Knockout leaving them seeing stars

A Miller
Away in Memorial

Miles and miles from home
and meeting new people

M o v i n g     and living
in Memorial Hall

off campus   A       l o n g          
journey to the destination

M Jones
New Day in Another Room

Like an open letter in a foreign tongue.
In a sea I’ve crossed before.
No other feeling…
Like an exchange student with no direction.
Like being a complete unknown.

R Garner
Moving Up

like the anticipation of a funeral,
the unwanted good-bye,
reminiscing of bittersweet encounters,
still shell-shocked from a sudden teaching,
joy for the passing,
repetition, repetition, repetition
classmates floating by
like ghosts in a hallway,
one   by   one   by   one
new people enter the room
with clean slate,
and leave
permanently scarred.

AJ Cook
Because She’s Empty

I must go out and witness,
tell the world of His love
and His death that saves
people from a place
no one should ever know.

I must walk up to her
help her see her need
only He can satisfy;
and only He can save people and

I want to see her as she bows her head
puts her trust in Someone BIGGER
feels the emptiness and loneliness leave her
as she passes from death into life.
transform us into full saints.

S Stokes