"Yes, but do you remember when you...?"
Facing Fear

No old friends or family to look up to
SBU Bolivar, Missouri
Never heard of this place until now

Where is the city?No Memory
But you still lay there in pain
You just tumbled down

aerobically down the steps
balancing every worry in the world

I was right behind you
and you still tumbled down

There are many fields and plains and farms
Nothing like home

We only have tropical storms
Where are the beaches like back in Rhode Island?

New life
After living here
I guess it’s not bad after all

Vanessa A

I couldn’t believe the one person who helped us
Was the one who ripped out our souls.
So good
So far
So close.

How could we play so well, but lose so badly
Still grateful for the experiences.
This year
Senior year
Enjoying every minute.

Curtis C
Day of Remembrance

The place my ancestors took their first steps
An ancient building filled with jaundice manuscripts
I read, I remember

Streets lights are glittering
The scent of grease, coated thick on hotdogs
Stomach grumbling

The ‘60s with hair high and feet moving
I find Broadway and decided to see Hairspray
To sing and dance

When I exit
Tall buildings
On the other side of an empty space
Can’t forget that fateful day

Joshua Y
History Lesson

A broken zipper releases baubles from the bag 
Like a Pangeated Asia released explorers across the Bering Strait
Who diffused themselves across North America

To make history
Bits and bobs strewn across campus
Properly diffused into the soles of fellow students

Impossible to recollect
In time
History would not be made today

Or ever again
Presence counts in History
Those who cannot remember to leave for class in time

are doomed to repeat it
History would have to be repeated 

Faith F

Rather than “Clash! Slash!”
There is a “Clack! Crack!”
Two swords cut the midnight air
As small, young knights do battle.
They spin and jump and run away
Fight through play.

Behind a tree,
A sneak attack, an ambush
A swing, a miss
A broken nose, a busted lip
Blood that stains white faces,
And cries that sound through night.

Hannah L

mom.  Mom was gone, and I was left.
Left by all, but my teacher.
Teacher didn’t know that she was doomed.
Doomed, because she played a certain tune.
That tune was the ABC’s
The ABC’s were trite.
 Trite things caused me to hate.
Hate chose my words.
My words were laughed at.
At that point I formed an idea.
An idea involving dull scissors.
Dull scissors… not the best for stabbing.
"Stabbing" left a bruise.
Bruise? Does that mean I LOSE?
Loose from school.

Kyleen C
No Coverage

One mistake and it’s game over?
A first kiss will tell you everything.
You mess up, you lose.

You disappoint everyone with one error?
A shot at the buzzer.
A hero turned human.

Butter-Fingers of sweat I reach for leather.
Only finger-tips like with her face.
The spark was dropped.

I am alone, tackled with feelings.
From all angles disgusted, sick, anger collide.
The pain is tolerable       the heartbreak is not.

Jarod R

In a state of panic…
To which I respond,
“Did you leave your keys at home again?”

    Frantically searching:
Left           and              Right
 but no luck in finding them…

You eventually decide on giving up,
but then you realized that
they were in your hand
the entire time…

Robert Y
Scar leg

While my grandparents hammered.

I went looking for their cat.
The orange cat, an old cat,
an outdoor cat.

The cat took me on a journey,
around the huge boat,
around the red barn, the tall barn.

When I walked around the chicken pen tin,
I cut my leg it deeply.

Sky S

Mountain cold
Unforgiving danger
deterring my goal, to rest

by casting down the mind of man he remains broken in body
bones to sore the frame of man engaged in mind and body
Since breath was placed in dust

I return again another day
clothed a pure white robe of grandeur
Christ Lord remember me unto Your kingdom

Spencer O
No Memory

But you still lay there in pain
You just tumbled down

aerobically down the steps
balancing every worry in the world

I was right behind you
and you still tumbled down

Samantha C