Comp 2 Poems Fall 2010

The last thing I remember....
First Day Uncertainty

We discover our professor isn’t going to be in class today.

Our assignment is online, only words no sounds.

    We wonder, “Is this quote from the reading?”

    We scan the books, the hundreds of pages,

none of them says anything worth remembering.

We better just follow instructions as simply as stated.

---G Higgins
Dizzy Lesson

Twelve against seven in a battle for honor.

One foot flies high

Makes the stars flicker

then pitch-black silence.

Two full Birds carry my limp body up the brow

and the world slowly comes to focus:

    my boots bounce off the steps

      playing cards against spokes

    the smell of salt in the air

      the sway of the Nashville rolling in waves.

Son, when Doc says duck……




Bird Trumps a Twig


An Enson screams from behind the podium

    Chief get the Shore Patrol.

But the Captain grabs the Enson,

slams his nose against the Captain’s brass,

while the second Bird comes in view.

The smell of fear, a soft moan is released.


broken in one low voice

    All is forgotten:

    Two Birds trumps your little Twig.

--S Mackey
The Weight of the World

   In the locker room of my mind,

Lists bully me until I throw them against the hard, brick wall

stuff them into rank lockers.  Deadlines come towards me,

I wrestle them to the cold tile and make them whine for mercy.

I watch the small and skinny Assignments

hike up their skirts and run away like little, tattling girls.

I can hear the screaming and crying down the hall.

I take a breath, taste the sweat and mildew,

say a quick prayer

   for the beat and battered Lists,

   the whimpering Deadlines

   the immature Assignments.

Getting up with a sense of accomplishment,

I leave with my head held high, until

walking to class, I realize...
and stop to ask what God wants.

--K Orick

Failed Test

I wish that I could see my toes,

but atrocious pounds of fat

cause much anxiety.

I can barely do a jumping jack

and my closet sits filled with scarcely worn clothes.

As summer creeps upon me,

I panic with a possible double chin.



I awake at my desk, wiping drool

off my test and my scribbled, “Bow flex.”

---H. Ogunjimi

Envy and Property

35 nights passed.

This voyage, begun with hopes of a new route,

lands consumed by hunger.

We have come upon a strange place,

greeted by the most curious of people,

impressed by us. We were worshiped,

then presented a feast,

entertained by dancing and chanting, 

bare bodies lit by fire’s light.

But my thoughts are filled 

with the things power does to the weak.

--J Cowan

A Hard Trip

On Thanksgiving, I wake on a hospital bed

Mom explainingcomforting

I reach for my head,

count twelve stitches.

Thankful, realizing how lucky I am.

Life goes on

a trip always remembered.

--J Horn

Defeated Lands

I do not recognize this green sky.

The orange-colored rocks burn my eyes.

Unsettled, my fingertips drop the blue-grass

They’re just blades in my defeated hands.

I fought with thoughts of victory,

but cut after cut

my hopes are slashed.

All that is left is to beg for mercy.

We could have felt the joy of controlling this planet.

How I wish I could recognize the sky.

--B Dye

90 minutes in Composition Hell


Rachel crinches from hearing

 “Where have you been Skiperella?”

The thunder of Sukany stomping, meddling

torturing everyone,

one by one, and making them writhe,

all while shaking his keys like an ignored fire alarm.


Same old rules, same old jokes, same old bull,

suffering in Hell because we’re still trying to get everything

done so we never repeat.

---K Albertin

Schooling the Birds


Chemistry is for jackdaws.

Like a crow ruins a crop,

this Scientific method,




spoils my GPA.


Like an eagle, Spiritual Formation 

 soars above the mountains,

expanding horizons and building confidence.


Both birds, productive in nature,

lead me

towards the Will of the Divine.

--J Rash