An Event of Historic Change

now I know the Truth
A ball slices directly through the window.
I was accurate
but announced it accidental.
Mother held her verdict.
Those seven years truth was my own
and I wandered that path
---William Swofford
Numbers in September
Soon the sun will pull up my driveway
And swallow me like morning OJ and English muffins. 
At 9:00 digest me
Because I haven’t reached 6th grade,
And Miss Brown only teaches multiplication and division. 
This math doesn’t seem to add up correctly:
Multiplying casualties,
Dividing families,
Subtracting two towers. 
The same numbers always remain:
---Emily Downing
Freshmen Football
Time starts over
And veterans become newcomers.
Dropped pass
Become coordination work.
Become defensive stands.
Missing assignments
Becomes sitting on the bench.
Training and dedication
Become normal.
--- Jacob Barge
Subway Series
(September 2001)
Two teams, one home
Mets or Yankees
The game is canceled
A shout of foul play
Two diamonds shatter
Two diverged fly balls slip through
Smashing into their target
One after the other
A new game begins
The Mets sing with the Yankees
“The Star Spangled Banner”
Two teams defend one home
---Hannah Joyce
We filled our palettes with shades of grace
swirled our brushes in water and paint
A splash of happy here and there
Dreamcicles on a canvas
like an artist painting with sticky fingers
Lines of strength, courage, confidence…life
Enticing flavors collide with senses
In blissful visions of
peace   beauty    love
This artist paints in powerful strokes
---Blaire Baker
To Fight Terror
I am dragged through the mud,
lose “Battle Buddies,”
low-crawl under barbed wire fencing,
want to die, but
quitting is not an option.
We all prepare to deploy at any time.
I am still rigorously training,
Hoping my daughter will not follow my footsteps
---Jennifer Goodwin
Do you deserve
to be startled
by banging at the door,
by flash grenades,
by knowing what this crazy world has to offer?
How about being harassed
by angry men,
by a blow to rib cage,
by steel-toed boots?
like a slave.
This house is dissected, disrespected, ripped apart
boarded, chained.
Considered trespassing to step one foot inside
a house that was once called home
--- Charles Johnson