One Thing I Wish I Didn't Know


Within The Clucking


As dawn arises

he backs all eighteen wheels

up to the muck-covered entrance


He opens the large steel door

and a putrid smell consumes the air

pursued by endless clucking


The slaughter begins

and feathers fly headless




As little Jimmy ignorantly

enjoys his first wings

he knows nothing

but his own mornings with Big Bird


---K Boro

Pretty Pink Towel                                                                                       

I love the silence that follows the spraying

The waiting is over and now she needs me

The touch of her hand reminds us

life is good and the future is bright


The morning baths, the late night showers

even her ridiculous singing bring a sweet comfort

Into the wash, out of the dryer

toward a future of love and a long life together


Less and less her hand comes near

The bond we shared of love and happiness

frayed by another; she feels no pain

She leaves me alone





---M Johnson


Wearing Shoes


Some soles journey

While others take their first step

Heal to toe

Toe to heal


The movement is the same

For the old and the new

Some may step in gum                    

But our depth of sole will sustain   


Living in double or single knots                      

Frayed laces hold us together   

Just as our pasts 

So we may wear comfortably


---S Hall

The Cheerful Giver


“…for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Cor. 9:17 NIV



Money gives a warm bed in dorms


Dorms shower love in communal bathrooms


Communal bathrooms bond friends in no time


Time is demanded as if to borrow


my food, and clothes, and toothbrush,


 and comfort, and patience,


            and money.




---E Crawley




Cooking in the kitchen,

running in the yard

playing basketball,

being with my brother.

home is peace.


Working in the cafeteria,

running to the classes,

homecoming celebrations,

being with my classmates.

college is stress.


Sanctuary or Institution

they’re just alike

but Dan would state,

college is the way,

while my heart would cry,



---C Hall



Burning Suite Light


My suitemate gets up at seven thirty


In the other room I can hear her

Walking around

Like a light disturbance

That seems not to arouse anything or anyone


During the morning

it is as silent as a candle

I can hear the sink and water rushing

as the sun is rising


In the daytime

it is as loud as a chalkboard

I can feel

as the noon is -ing


During the nighttime

it strikes One more sharply

than a silent cemetery

burning suite light


---C Brown


Evening Hue Downs


On the screaming tube

flashes of color

transform images

into an unsettling reality


            shining silver

            splits the air and

            the hearts

            of the country’s finest


            scarlet remains

            and petrified screams

            emerge as terror

            fills Columbine


            stripped of three


            foreign territory

            gather more hostages


            smoldering oranges

            two towers


            into eternity


for now colors

fade and fuzz

while reality pauses

I’ve no button for color blindness


---J Whisler



Poem: Worry No More



Leave me my conscious I ask you,

Too just! To let me be!

For my eyes seek something that you have no will to see

Fleeing far from prosecution

Pleading bars to a life of prostitution

Nothing but blameless self-inflicted executions

Worried no more is now me, setting a few of these things free


Raped in ways of my choice deceptively thinking

Misused yet hardly confused I recognize this sometimes misleading voice

In-caged a threat to one's innocence it is


Worried no more will I be knowing well the truth behind my being

Blind but still looking and not seeing evenly

Suppressed by my natural instinct to survive


Bleeding with eagerness but alive was thee,

Neglected from respect was he baring,

Scars that will never heal back was me,

Long days and short nights resting


But accurately awake in the midst of one's mistakes

This desperate guy attempts again to escape failing never getting away

With little left to say


Lying remained in the palms of his rights

Like a thief caught red-handed who now gives

Allowing likes and dislikes apparently flying the same way in one's sight to live


Desperate was I attempting to not care ending each day with a prayer

Letting life deal with what is there, worrying no more! And living well.


---R Barrow





College sports are a business

Except your sales pitch

Might not include that

Those without dedication need not apply.


I got one with guarantees

Like a reserved position,

Hidden inner-squad politics, and competition.

Practice can be anticipated,


Until players find out

That red shirts stand around

With other reds

For a long pine-full season


Now I’m pitching sleep

That I’ve missed

Back home where

The guarantee is iron-clad.


---J Fleming