Fall 04 Comp Poems painful-1"Painful Experiences"

Bleeding Heart

I had no shield
from the
piercing arrows
my soul.

The sharp-tongued,
the degrees of my youth.
The blow.

Trust severed.

---Hollie Aeschbacher

Eye See

Long white coats position
A steaming mask upon my face.
But Eye
Can’t seem to stay awake.

Groggy, eye wake,
Yet colors play hide and seek.
Poking, pricking, searing pain comes,
And eye am only blinking.
Colorful crayons laugh at me
As tears fall uselessly.

Forever rolls past
 In the form of days.
Poke, prick, pain
Eye wake now.

---Holly Stockard

Wheels of Eight

Secured beneath the feet
Moving left, moving right
Gliding back and forth, at a swaying beat
Round the oval, fast and slow

Like vultures circling
Moving with perfection
Waiting for the moment,
To snatch their feast.

Descending from the heavens,
With full grace but no mercy
Now landing sharp and firm
Bones and flesh beneath the beak.

---William Kolstedt

The Pitts

in a roley-poley shape
jokes and laughter
Insupressible with any piece of tape.

Stories to inspire,
stories for laughter.
Coach never met a situation,
he couldnt talk about forever after.

The long procession,
even though his own,
would have bored Doyle.

The only way to remember him,
or at least how he would wish.
Would be to continue our ways,
and let his laughter never perish.

---James Gregory
The Other Side

Separating you and me
And you are so distant.

You speak destructive wind,
Breaking every foundation.
My heart
Does not comprehend.

The hardwood is back
Much warmer than you;
Ignoring me
Without sympathy, but present.

Storming away
Raining tears
Thundering sobs
Hailing sweat

I smiled.
Letting go of you,
And never returning to see
The hardwood door.

---Scott Stegman
Sleep Far Away

Body wearied
Muscles aching
Welcoming sleep
On distant shore

Ocean spinkling my face
    Licking my lips
Waves gently lapping
   At toes snuggling in sand
Sun slumbering silently
   Into the sea

     Throbbing thoughts inside
My flesh--
     Dragging my mind back to consciousness

Eyelids so heavy
Sleep never comes to
This distant shore

---Bethany Owens

Clavicle’s First Symphony

Silhouettes dance in October twilight
Waltzing with pigskin to a colossal collision,
Violently disrupting the beat of life.
Suddenly, as cymbals ring their wretched din
Acrid harmony, each movement a clashing symphony,
Attempting peace,
This eerie melody sings throughout the score,
Disguised lullaby of glory and duty,
Now daily torturing his mortal soul.

---Devin Pritchard

She pulls me away
From the only home I’ve ever known…
Never again will I swing
On branches with my brothers.
Instead, I vegetate on cold slab.

Her hungry eyes meet
My fresh, ripe skin;
Warm fingers gently grip me.
Her teeth sink into my seasoned flesh.

My unbearable fire blisters
With angry obsession.
This passion produces such pain.
She gasps for air;
Tears freely flow.

The fiery taste of revenge
---Michelle Woemmel

Waking up to flashing lights
  sirens and screams
actors in a horror movie
  but this hits home like no other--
more like a nightmare.

Now I’m scared--
 the shattered glass,
  the stares,
   and the car--
all childhood memories.

Recalling this scene is too haunting
too haunting.

---Michael Johnson

A Game of Tag

Flying at break-neck speed, across gym floor,
Oppressor tails, whom I wish to beguile,
Reaching the limits deep within my core,

Outstripping touch of death behind, I smile,
Soaring for safe haven, closing the gap,
Feet pound in beat, as with my heart’s rhythm.

Cords of wood mound in wake, as my feet slap.
Apocalyptic touch deals death schism.
Feet indurate as head begins to fall.

Boards and cement fill my field of vision.
Moments retard by the perils that call.
Seconds revert, back with impact’s tension.

Self-sacrificial limbs soften the blow.
Nostrils inhale cement, to which I go.

---Matthew Dickensheet