HONORS Fall 2003 Poems
oh brother

when I was small 
lacing our shoes
playing ball on the drive
teaching me shoot
quick hands, feet 
beating me 
in sports, life
following steps
teaching more than words
oh brother, I lose by half, but still win.

---Nathan Penland


Battered by wind and rain
Afraid to open wide
Scared to expose inmost self
But lo, a gentle breeze
Wraps lovingly ‘round
Encouraging petals to
Display their magnificence 

---Katie Keltner 

The Garage

Out in the back with deafening humming,
I am created, built, shaped, and formed.
He takes pride for his own and knows
he’s appreciated.

I’m complete already but not to the standard,
so I am ripped and cut and hit and he considers
while he works a few minutes more
and leaves me till tomorrow.

---John Sullins


Dancing on feet, pretending to be old
His warm, loving arms controlling the cold
Keeping me safe, singing my song
Bringing comfort, making me strong 

Wielding off monsters living under my bed
Kissing my boo-boos, rubbing my head
Teaching me how to tie my shoes
Sharing in all of my joyous, good news

Trying to catch me before I fall
Telling me to keep my eye on the ball
Rushing to my side in times of pain
Keeping the blood from making a stain

Making memories I'll always enjoy
Telling my own little girl or boy

---Jessica Culbertson

The Artist 

Sitting and molding a complex picture, 
She doesn't realize her skill, 
She just places her hands where they need to be, 
And then lets come what will. 

Shaping and sculpting her complex child, 
She doesn't realize her skill, 
She just uses her hands with love and justice, 
And helps me see God's Will.

---Luke Oldweiler


As a child-
Your eyes
Revealing patience,

Through the years-
Your voice
Promising hope,
a bright future.

Your soul
Encourages me to love,
live life beautifully.

---Jayme Fry

In Spite of Smiles 

He walks into the room 
Grinning from cheek to cheek, 
Being Silly and 
Making up songs. 
My mind floods - 
I am swinging in the pillow case, 
Hearing, "I'm proud," 
And I am overwhelmed with love. 

He comes in cursing, 
Complaining about anything. 
"Why did I even get out of bed?" 
My heart wrenches at the words and 
I can't remember the smile and my love - 
"Then go back to bed!" 
Comes to mind 
And I am shaking with anger and hidden tears. 

I go alone, 
Slumping down, angrily wiping my face 
Searching, finding no shred of sense 
But releasing my anguish.
Your tender touch 
Fills all that is empty 
And I am covered with peace - 
and thankful.

---Jennifer Hoover

Branching Out

The days at school flew by
And left me asking why
Life as a Christian was one big lie
To God an occasional hello...goodbye
He was only a distant cry
A reminding splinter

I staffed at a camp that summer
And cut lumber most of the day
I felt renewed in the swirling sod
Surrounded by people who loved God
Learning what His love was all about
Removing reasons for my doubts

The only to way begin anew
Axe the root of pride
Become a branch of His holy tree
Grafted onto His sturdy side

---Scott McFall


An indivisible part
One lifeblood one heart

Perpetual love
Anguish jealousy sorrow
Sibling rivalry

I limit myself
Anger fear hesitation
She pushes me on

Almost opposites
Mother says sunshine and moon
Logic meets passion

I rage at the world
While she suffers in silence
Both scared we reach out

God carries me through
Trials and tribulations
He carries her too

---Jessica Pingleton