Fall 2002 Honors Poems
Composition of Memories

‘Twas the week of our finals and through SBU’s halls
Students were frantically studying, hoping grades would not fall.
The tests had been made by professors with care
In hopes that the poor students soon would be there.
And as I was nestled all snug in my bed,
Visions of Honor’s Comp danced through my head.
I took up my pen for the present I’d send
To Mr. Sukany on the day that our class had to end…

When on the first day of class I walked into the room
“Buenos Dias,” Mr. Sukany said with a boom.
Away to a back desk I flew in a flash
Wondering if instead from the room I should dash.
Writing Scriptures on the board he would show
Me parts of speech of which I did not know.
When I began reading from Perrine’s Literature Book
At many interesting stories I’d look...
How “the hunter became the hunted” was not a good theme
For Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game.”
Then rapidly the “Thrilling Lecture Series” came
As Mr. Sukany called each element by its name:
“Now Theme, Point of View, now Plot, Irony,
Now Symbolism, Character, now Allegory.
Get inside the stories and explicate well
And write of an element in your essay,” he’d tell.
As talk of essay maps and theses did fly
“You must write a Doyle thesis statement,” he’d cry!
So into my papers these elements flew

Though I did not fully understand what to do.
Honor’s Comp recalls other memories as well
Like how Mr. Sukany kept track of the bell.
When I would arrive at one minute past eight
“Good afternoon!” he would shout, as if I were late.
“The ACME prayer list is wandering aimlessly ‘round this room
Thanks for deciding to join us so soon!”
For every request on the list he would pray
Though he preferred that God keep the snow far away.
Then with a smile he’d give out a game
Though I thought that quiz was a much better name.
While I frantically wondered how to answer each question
Mr. Sukany would sing instead of giving suggestions.
As he messed with his hair and rubbed his beard
No students ever thought that he was weird.
Though assignments were hard to write to his pleasing,
And in Honor’s Comp I endured all his teasing,
Though the essays and papers threatened my mental health,
I liked English class in spite of myself.
When from my last day of class I sadly depart
Mr. Sukany’s last words will remain in my heart:
Merry Christmas to all, and I give you an ‘A’
Just remember the dear Little, Brown Handbook always!

---Christy Briscoe
11 December 2002

Bowling at Age Thirteen

Asked a boy who did rival Don Juan, 
"Could you lift these ten pounds with your brawn?"
    Oh, my heart was aflutter
    But so soon in the gutter
'Cause I stupidly screamed, "TAMPON?!"

---Christa Copenhaver

Lost In The Moment

The smell of the arena 
Burnt popcorn,
Bad hot dogs, 
The intense competition 
That strong smell of chlorine.

Even now when I smell it, 
I’m back 
My one shining moment.

Our fans rising
Pounding the bleachers, 
Thunderous noise, 
Like clashes of lightening.

My coaches.
My parents.
Tears in their eyes.
The greatest sight of all.

---Tasha Shores


Engulfing black of the night,
Giant masses of trees encompass us
Branches rustling while the crickets sing on the dirt path leading to the falls.

Surging water from above
Stepping on stones half submerged
A big, flat, cold rock.

Lying beneath masses of glowing heavenly bodies
Hearts begin to pour
Deepest longings
Through songs we never knew we could feel.

An hour…

Six arms embrace
Humble thanks and
Joyful love.
A long ramble back.
A night well spent.

---Julianne McCampbell

The Glassmaker

A beautiful, fresh Breeze blows in off the ocean
As waves toss sand on the shore.
And I, as a new creature, hold tightly to the Living Water

Feeling like one of the twelve,
Seeing something approaching me,
“Come to the Water confessing all wrongs
And no more worldly be.”

The Artist inside convinces me to
Continue my act and follow.
Undergoing intense heat
Understanding there may be no tomorrow.

The Water transforms my offensive nature
Alas, and all He sees;
The pallid hub,
In which dwells the Breeze

A new glass.

---Craig Wright


Screaming goaded me to climb,
An excellent idea at the time.
Long skirt, big shoes, hampering ascent. 
Up to the top I quickly went.

When at the top I soon did find, 
A need to get down, how so blind?
The slide presented an easier way.
Much less dignified, I hasten to say.

At the bottom I found myself pained,
I discovered my ankle was sprained.
My dear friends, lest mobility lose,
Don’t slide in your platform shoes.

---Alexa Bermudez 

No Desire to Change

A cunning voice quietly whispering,
Pouring lies into my heart,
Threatening my reality,
I cannot ignore the pain it starts. 

Fearing the differences,
A world forever changed.
The intimidating unknown
My life now rearranged.

I’d rather stay here where I’m safe.
I don’t want to venture out.
I have no desire to learn
What this great “Divorce” is about.

---Rebecca Phillippe

Purity Protected

Void, illuminate
Lusterless words drip lustfully
Far reaches of black smother delicacy
Raven wool

Run, wrath is advancing
Wra- found, but not destroyed – REDEEMED

Embraced, glowing
Guilty hands rise guiltless
Tears swathe a joyful face
Snow fleece

Run…HE is advancing!

---Jacque Owen

The Voice

Long, hot summer days
Scent of disinfectants—clean floors
Energetic adolescents wiggle like worms
Finally, a small, needed break

Sweet hymns ring through the room
Hard, wooden pews—numb rears
Wails of infants, chatter of children
Parents whisper “Children, shh!”

Short, bald parson behind pulpit
Pit of stomach discovers peculiar feelings
The Voice gently urges
“Follow me! Serve me!”

Too many unanswered questions:
“But where?”  “But how?”
“Are you positive?”
The Voice will eventually reveal the 5 Ws

The Voice persists
“Follow me! Serve me!”
The Voice wins

---Amber Hill


BlacK frost      oN the HiGHway.
                                           Zigzagged fiSHtails fLY over the strip
                                 as a woMAn   wALks the shoulder.

          Metal SLams her boDy.
Slow SLUrs flow out of her jawS along with    a blOODy red stream.
OUR Hands hold   TIGHT        to calm.

         Uncommon eMOtions move iNSide me,   staying composed is my gOAl.
SloWLy  lights flash nearer. 
                          Hastened steps accompany MEN
                                               weARing uniforms of 
SOOthing relief of    paIn   and   diSTress
                                                 cAuses her to PRaise  her GOD,

And her lips won’t hesitate to say this was a miracle.

---Erin Boyer

Reaching Down

Hearing your cries
My child
Cries of 

Longing to share
With someone
All of your

Doubting at times
My faithfulness,
Your faith needed

Old friends move on
I am here.
You come to me with

One year and 
Many prayers later;
Allow Me to introduce
 My daughter 
  My answer
   Your friend.

---Kristen Clemmens

Spotted Dreams 

Crinkled blades of morning grass
That spotted ball of joy
Opposition charging fast
Wreaked havoc on the boy

My neck feels like it’s breaking
A kaleidoscope of pain
The whole world is shaking
Will I be the same again?

Why the pain and sorrow?
The spots within me burned
Seems like there’s no tomorrow…
One more life lesson learned.

---Ryan Brown


Conversing with a friend that no one else can see,
But speaking so intently that he must be close.

Shooting arrows into trees and rifles way off target,
But shrieking and yelling as if making the Olympic team.

Learning about Christ and His infinite love,
But showing more of His love than could be heard.

Watching the world from a chair that appears confining,
But possessing a spirit that soars far past the gates.

Coming to camp to have the time of your life,
But giving your counselor the best week of hers.

---Darcie Sperber

Wonderful Counselor

Serving the Lord
Summer's time of gathering
Beckoning youth 
Privilege, responsibility

The public coming
Seeking more knowledge
As early hours pass
Persistent pursuit

Difficult comprehending
Eternal Father
Yet fact worth knowing
This revelation

---Trenton Widner

Racing “The Kissing Disease”

You were ready
Standing at the line
“Getting Set.” “On Your Mark.”
I reached out,
and grabbed you in a liquid handshake
and held You there.

“Hello. So sorry to slow you.”
 hissed in your ears, throat, and eyes

Long days of lingering 
Waiting to hear “GO!” from
The One who held my hand.

---Elizabeth Puzey

Junior-high Pride

Sun-pierced room, tawny rays stalk on my eyes
Heavy hearted,
Mauled insides rot away.
From the grave a fragile life returns reborn
Strands of matted mane upon my face

Left behind; the pack has gone
Out for the hunt again.
I drag my paws to the worn, dust path
Hushed savannahs cry out 
And the trees echo… echo… echo

The mossy lake laps up sand
Compellingly, tossing off its cloak of fog
Sings to me,
Sings of refreshment
Sings of a message-- 
Shaped by God


---Kendra Blalock

A Journey of Faith

We are borne away 
And the well-known land
Fades from sight,
Trusting the sturdy Wings
Over the emerging blue expanse
Will hold us in flight.

A journey of faith.

Foreigners among a new people
Adapting to live
Like they do,
Learning a new language
In order that God’s message
May get through.

A journey of faith.

It is time to return home,
But now our old lives
Cannot be.
Past journey transformed,
Future unknown, but looked-after:
A brand new journey.

A journey of faith.

---Daniel Miller

Coming Salvation

My smile a front
Hiding a hollow, empty
Closed heart
No inner Peace
No understanding
Just isolation

Yet I know…

One day soon 
My heart will open
Tears of Joy
Not alone
But joining my friends
In His circle

---Adrienne Johnson

He’s Taken

In the days of school
I had many friends. 
Friends who worked hard.
Yet, I didn’t care.
They had forgiveness.
I didn’t want it
My life went on.

I wouldn’t consider
and she wouldn’t quit..
The grip was releasing.


I pray

---Brian Raynard


One, two, three, four,
    Walk now along.
Fresh air, cool breeze,
    Birds chirp in song.

Down the path we briskly go,
    Inhaling the scents of fall,
A tree hides our corner view,
    Some thing’s not right at all.

One screams rather loudly,
    And warns the three to flee,
Two scoffs now in disbelief
    Then turns to run with me.

Escape the monstrous beast,
    And chewing of his cud.
Running, running far away,
    And then a sick’ning thud.

Now four of us running,
    Our whistles calling home,
Remembering the getting lost
    That day in Yellowstone.

---Lindsey Wainscott

The Bookmark to Park

One day I obtain an important red seal
Giving permission to park,
When promptly it flees upon merest receipt
Making the options seem stark.

I delve in my sack and locations I’d been
Unearth no trace of the seal-
Till receiving help from the Omniscient One-
The finding renews my zeal. 

---Christy Briscoe