Tuesday morning at 8:25
boggled mind, tired ear, rush of sleepiness,
Irreversible acts stung my feelings
with homesickness, sympathy, confusion.

Tuesday morning at 8:30
 tear-stained face, troubled mind, empty heart,
Mind felt sore
with death, destruction, violence.

Tuesday morning at 8:35
unconditional love, vivid hopes, counted blessings,
freedom, family, future.

   -- Jenny Wodinowich


In September

Early morning my first class,
Sitting and waiting for lecture to start,
Came in the burdened puzzled Professor,
He spread the news as an alert siren
“Attack on World Trade Center.”

Thoughts overflow: helpless U.S.
Standing like a Captain on the deck of the world.
“How can something like this happen?”
Safety has shed its cocoon—confusion.
“Attack on World Trade Center.”

Will this spread to my homeland?
My parents are the “Taj Mahal” of my world,
Precious gold especially carved,
Hope of home still casting tall shadows.
“Attack on World Trade Center.”

The World, thrown into the sea of chaos,
Must settle, find its niche.
Like the dust must settle at sea.
Calm will come after this storm:
“Attack on World Trade Center.”

Decimation that captures every thought,
Raging terror that will never die,
Treacherous force that must be overcome.
Let the eagle soar to a higher nest.
“Attack on World Trade Center.”

  -- Umang Chadda

the Clock took Two

Dew filled yard glinting diamond-covered in halycon rays.
Flop-flop slaps on pavement echo in the sleepy town.
Flying up the stairs,
Through the doors exactly at eight.

Prayer requests spoken short and sleepily
Pencils scratch, scribble, slide along notebook paper
Unaware of the Terror,
Out the door after nine fifteen.

Consuming thought of breakfast guides the empty stomach.
Wave of crowd gasps and astonishment crashes and floods the hallway.
Weasel to the front,
Under attack completely at ten.

-- Andrea Applegate


It Is So

No, this cannot be
      Screams the scholar 
It is so
       Airs the Moor

Want to sit, but cannot
      Want not to see, but must
Silver bullet shrieks
      But now is hidden
      Inside the lofty mast

No, this cannot be
      Screams the scholar 
It is so
      Airs the Moor

Shadows, so many shadows
      Ancient and new
      Resting and moving
      Great and common
Shadows, so many shadows

Gone now,
      Into the clouds
Into the smoke
                   Which, I cannot know

   Screams the bosom 

    It is so 

-- Bill Lewis


The devastated looks on people's faces
The uncontrollable emotional breakdowns
The continuing coverage and breaking news on the TV 
The sorrow and despair 

The amount of strength and courage from all the volunteers
The generosity and kindness
The American flags flying high
The unity our country created

Feeling depressed and overwhelmed 
Sensing the urge to help
Experiencing the astonishment and disbelief of 9/11,
But understanding a promise of positive.

-- Bethany Seaver

That Day

was slow
clean up, then I stop, check the news
my habitual look
first at technology views
Strange? the site won't show...

I chatted,
that morning, with my one true love,
and learned
of the first plane to burn
Then, I found, things were not good.

Thousands are waiting
for some word
of those they love.
As they wait,
the news crews start to work.

They probe
the first plane, and moved
to the next
analyzing and exploring every possible view,
telling us what to think.

At last,
when it seemed all hope was lost,
GW spoke.
With dignity and power, he laid down his law.
Soon, he said, those responsible would pay!

His last line
chills me (who is bent on killing),
calling for control,
and no angry outbursts,
(the thing I want most).

But then
I stop, think, pray.
Who knows what will happen
in the coming times?
More dead would solve...what?

Then finally
with love in my heart, I smile.
I look up
to the sky, and praise the Lord for this day,
when everyone learns again what life really means.

--Joshua E. Bohannon
13 May 2002

Eventful Morning

Rise and shine, eight o'clock. 
Throw on some clothes, brush my hair
Suddenly, the door slams open
Creatures shouting, yelling and creating a scare. 

Words of jabber
This devastation. . .crash. 
Running. . .TV
On a wildly dash. 

With tears of sadness streaming our cheeks,
Wondering why;
Devastation filling our hearts
Seeing, hearing the next big bang. 

-- Shelley Baur  5.11.2001


Too many broken-hearted souls
Too many wasted lives lost 
Time is supposed to heal all wounds
I wonder if this is true

Hope--a word that means so little 
When life is taken from the world

I never knew that that day would be 
The day that struck me in the heart
An awe-struck nation held hands 
The victims, though, were all alone

I knew not where to go
Wandering aimlessly around 
My troubled mind began to spin
Learning what grief was all about

I swallowed my feelings 
Let out a sigh
Wanted some healing
Just wanted to know a reason

Despair--a word that leaks regret
Question--where is Hope?

Too many broken-hearted souls
Too many lives lost 
Time is supposed to heal all wounds
I wonder if this is true

-- Christina Guglielmo

Not Forgotten

September 11
Walking through the Union, just heading for breakfast
Class had not started
No early morning conversations yet
Passing by the Union, filled with uneasy students
Asking questions, sharing tragedies


Prayer in the classrooms and voices raised above
The country was under attack by those who were not holding back
The chaos clouds the mind, shouts aloud
It’s doubtful one will ever say of the events 

“I forgot.”

 -- Adrian Cline


Fried Eggs
T.V. On
Planes Soaring
Flames Flying
Twins Dying
Phones Ringing
Spouses Lacking
Babies Crying
Old Nation
United People
Unknown Enemy


-- Todd Christensen


At first, it seemed an average day,
       A day that I’ll never forget.
Done late with lab, as was my trend,
       A morning that I can’t forget.
Tried to forego the dense lobby,
       A lobby that I won’t forget.
Watched the group, who loomed in lament,
       A sight that I’ll never forget.

I know that I’ll never forget
       The dejected looks they possessed.
Those hurting eyes I can’t forget, 
       As I searched amid scared faces.
I saw the words I won’t forget,
       Blazing on screen, they caught my sight:
“United States Attacked by Terrorists.”
       …Remembering the day that I’ll never forget.

-- Mark Janitz


            Walk on over to the funeral-shop.
           It is today.
            Just sit.
You read my mind.

It’s crowded in here.
           It’ll get worse.
Is this some kind of a party?
           Of sorts.
I’m going to be plugged in all day.
           Irony, thy name is song.

            Look up there. It’s the casket.
No, I’m preoccupied.
           You wouldn’t believe it anyway.
           You didn’t even look.
It’s just a clip from a movie.

           You’ll remember this day for the rest of your life.
Is it that good?
           Shut up and listen.
You won’t let me.
          Call 911

-- Jon Rector

The Eye To Kill

My day started with Nurse Nancy,
My eye was swollen shut; that was not to my fancy.
Listening to the morning news while I sat.
A voice interrupted, “We are going to need help here. STAT!”

I heard a plane was trying to kill with fire,
More were awaiting death up even higher.
Shocked, we huddled up and listened together,
Sitting there waiting for time to get better.

They announced it was terrorists here for the kill,
Executing lives with such a thrill.
I don’t think that day I will forget,
That day when the apparent sin had its last tick.

The announcer reported of the evil ways,
That stopped everyone in their tracks for days.
More bodies were being buried by rubble,
Some weren’t giving up without a struggle.

It was too much to take we had to turn the station,
And found that they all involved the same situation.
To those waiting to die the air became colder,
While those watching were crying on open shoulder.

Returning to the nurse’s office, my thoughts were again interrupted by a voice,
Calling me to the back as though I had no choice.
I was being examined with a light,
While others were watching the terrorists with fright.

I sat complaining of my eye,
While some were forced to say goodbye.
No matter what was done that day,
I won’t forget when innocent lives had to pay.

-- Jenny Farrow

Another Day
(a poem in response to 9/11/01)

Find yourself amazed
at the power in a day
to change you 
for the better,
fill you with hate,
and make you 
indifferent to the
as it passes by you,

-- Christy Leacock

Now & Before

I am
angry and so scared.

I am
frightened now
of what might be the future.

I see
the skyline now -
so different from before.

I remember what used to be,
and is now
smoke and dust.

Sweet September,
we mourn you.

We cry for your heart,
your dead love.
Your scrapers of the sky,
fallen heroes of the early day,
brought down by the dark god.

May we always remember what was before
and what is now.
From here onward
we wait for assurance,
and we cry your tears.
You are our heart

-- Allison Small


When I heard
the towers fell
I didn’t feel the pain
didn’t understand

Is it wrong?
my apathy
thinking only me

Have I failed
You? Having left them
sinking in distress
and undying need.

-- Andy Marsh

Deparate Cries

Getting ready for class and ready to sing,
I looked up and saw such a terrible thing.
Smoke filled the air, rubble on the ground,
The blazing fires from Hell all around.

A day that I will always remember,
My best friend's 20th birthday, the 11th of September.
I was awed at the thought of those,
Who have been the victims of our foes.

A day that was supposed to end happily,
Ended up with thousands pacing so desperately.
Those who were injured were in shock,
but those who were dead were buried underneath the rock.

The dreadful sounds of the afflicted's cries,
Only left me with terrible burdensome sighs.
I was already late for my History class,
Another day to add to the list of our nation's past. 

-- Stephanie Doty 5/15/02


A lonely figure stood on a seaside cliff
As the sun sank slowly over the horizon
Casting a musk color across the sky
The figure knelt at the top of the cliff
Reminiscing on what was

Friends lost
Icons that were to no longer be
Jobs lost
An uncertain future
What he will become

As he looking out at the sea below
The waves slowly tore away at the rocks 
As the rocks slowly withered under the relentless assault
A large section broke free
The figure realized
Change is inevitable
As painful as it might be
For those that were lost

-- Kyle Unmack 

Last September

Just another day
Hurried driving
The radio thumping 
I drive faster

The music stops—

news update:
Airplanes crash
Towers burn
Prayers uttered

Life slows down—

Feelings…confusion, anger, pain
Hopes. Prayers directed heavenward
Questions forever pondered
Many left unanswered
Driving slowly now, I wonder

Is this really just another day?

-- Michael Cutler


Wake up again 
Start day

Take little brother to school

Come home
Prepare to iron

Flip on radio
Channel surf
No songs

World Trade Center (What's that?)
Hit by plane

Put in CD
Certain New York can
Figure out its own problems

-- Amanda Pelkey