Hoping to “inspire” thought


And now their webs, silvered dew,
are wires connected to
poles of grass across my front yard.

Earlier, their indoor kin
by the oven and trash bin
caught the French press of my finger.

Everyone weaves connections,
attachments of affection,
private, to which others respond.

— Todd Sukany 22 Sept 2013

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1 Response to Hoping to “inspire” thought

  1. Pat Laster says:

    Right after reading your imagaic spider poem, I (sitting at the computer researching for sequel) felt something on my arm. Thinking it was a stray hair, I–without looking–batted it away. But it happened again. A dime-sized gray spider had been bothering me all this time. Where your French press did away with your insect, a slap on my arm–and it–knocked it to the floor where a rubber flip-flop disposed of it. Your “epiphany” of web connections to each other is apt. And true. See you soon?

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