Another Occasion Poem from Facebook Interaction

I love reading Facebook status blocks.  Often, people will say the “darnedest” things.

I wanted this poem to reflect the content and the humor of one of those offerings.  I used the two-line form to make the text look more like a poem.


Todd Sukany

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  1. editor says:

    “This comment is from Pat. I am trying to restore the originals comments.”

    I’m here (just so you’ll know). Good poem–nice poem: those phrases seem inadequate–and are. Appreciate a father’s unusual view of a young son’s (shall I say?) antics? Even tho I don’t “see” the allusion to Holy Roasters. Perhaps I’m not supposed to.
    Am nearly through judging the MSPS Summer contest for Anna Wells (my Lucidity duet partner). Oh! you were also a duet partner! Until Haymaker, then……… pl

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