A Post . . . Finally

Hurling Ever Forward

A pre-dawn run on the trail,
just an hour,
pokes us, mocks us,
retching free moisture
through every pore.

Your antibiotics
require avoidance
of the sun. Check.

Yet the earth is still warm
from yesterday’s baking
and at the turn-around,
as you rid yourself
of last night’s dinner,
at my feet,
a leaf,
a tilapia filet,
a rack of ribs.

–T.A. Sukany 29 Aug 2018

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24 Responses to A Post . . . Finally

  1. dboenker says:

    I like this poem! I liked the vivid imagery of the last stanza. I also liked the idea of the “turnaround” being used twice in stanza 3 as well, once named, and the other inferred by the poem’s ending. I also like how the poem is written in 3rd person POV…I feel it adds more to the poem than if it was written in first person.
    What is the “pokes us” and “mocks us” (stanza 1 line 3) were swapped? To me, I would see someone mocking someone before touching.

  2. sbaumgartner says:

    I didn´t really get it, I don´t understand poems very much, but good job I guess.

  3. cbranson says:

    someone threw up their dinner after a long trip.

  4. cbranson says:

    I am neutral about it

  5. sbaumgartner says:

    I guess u did good at not being straight forward with puking

  6. jhance says:

    I like how you wrote a poem but I do not understand it.

  7. dcraig says:

    I think you did really good on your poem.

  8. dcraig says:

    I think you did really good on your poem

  9. dbialczyk says:

    I liked how the character puked but you didn’t make it obvious.

  10. ehelmig says:

    I like that I was actually able to understand this poem and the imagery it gives.

  11. bschmid says:

    I really liked how at the end you said what the person ate, made me hungry.

  12. dcraig says:

    ive heard better

  13. nlitton says:

    I liked how you put the last part about someone trowing up on your feet.

  14. ebailey says:

    This poem was interesting, it captures many different descriptions and elements. I enjoyed the descriptions of the poem, but i do not like stories about puking.

  15. sreid says:

    I liked it. It was a really interesting how you fraised everything.

  16. Emmalee says:

    I really enjoyed this poem and how everything was described.

  17. dbialczyk says:

    good job professor Sukany i really liked it

  18. abledsoe says:

    This is a very interesting poem, nice work. I did not understand at all until the class discussed the poem. Gross but intelligent visual of vomit.

  19. rmasters says:

    It was good. at first I thought someone was at home sick but when explained i could see the part about the run.

  20. grehmert says:

    I thought it was good I like how you went into details.

  21. lprigge says:

    I like the way this is wrote.

  22. mrohrer says:

    I like the varied vocabulary and that the words weren’t so dull and usual. It helps this poem stand out.

  23. Mbrown says:

    I loved this poem! It spoke to me because I love to run and I understood it perfectly!

  24. dbrown says:

    i loved this poem it was so amazingly great

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