A New Year Offering

Here’s a poem from this year.  I just realized I’ve posted nothing so far in 2013.


I am much wiser
when I open my mouth
to listen

— Todd Sukany 14 Jan 2013

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4 Responses to A New Year Offering

  1. pat laster says:

    Filled with widsom, sir. Very nice senryu if you want to call it something “formal.” But a modern form. Soon…April… p

  2. arin says:

    A haiku seemed a fitting response.

    You my friend are wise
    And you listen very well.
    I miss your friendship.

  3. editor says:

    Hey Pat…thanks for the encouragement. I will look into the senryu.

  4. editor says:

    Arin…I am proud of you for stepping into the world of publishing poetry. Keep them up. Pat is amazing. You can read her works on her blog: http://pittypatter.blogspot.com/

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