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Pi Tsu Chi on Pinnacle Mountain

Before sunrise, love leaked from our eyes.
We sat together until the apricot wine was gone.

–T.A. Sukany 17 Oct 2018

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What?! A New Post . . . Habits?

In the Neighborhood

Pigeons fly overhead,
dozens, making no noise
except the flutter of wings
cutting the breeze
with a steamy rhumba.
Hummingbirds chase each other
a mosh pit circling
dozens of tiny plastic flowers.

–T.A. Sukany 19 Aug 2018

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A Post . . . Finally

Hurling Ever Forward

A pre-dawn run on the trail,
just an hour,
pokes us, mocks us,
retching free moisture
through every pore.

Your antibiotics
require avoidance
of the sun. Check.

Yet the earth is still warm
from yesterday’s baking
and at the turn-around,
as you rid yourself
of last night’s dinner,
at my feet,
a leaf,
a tilapia filet,
a rack of ribs.

–T.A. Sukany 29 Aug 2018

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Avoid Headlines

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From today’s run

A seven-mile run gives one time to think.

birds, black and white, eye-
ball each other, expressing
no thanks to the line

–T.A. Sukany 06 Jun 2017

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Cirrus Bender

Clouds froth over a canyon
or tilted stein.  Their full effect

should be felt in the morning
a rousing rumbling overhead.

–T.A. Sukany 21 Mar 2017

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Welcome New Year

According to, “ACTOR”
a :  one who represents a character in a dramatic production
b :  a theatrical performer
c :  one who behaves as if acting a part

Please Believe Me
“When the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.” — Meryl Streep

Ironic, isn’t it?

–Todd Sukany 09 Jan 2017

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Here’s another MEDIA-inspired haiku. I pray for America each day. Join me in asking for common sense.


Those who “hate” seldom
use the word and those who do
. . . do not.  I hear ya.

–Todd Sukany 02 Dec 2016

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Another Haiku for this season



Would the seemingly
growing majority please
define “criminal”?

–Todd Sukany  26 Oct 2016

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Thank you

I offer thanks for all the well-meaning posts on “social” media.


Ocean-Front Land in Iowa

I read some Facebook posts
and changed my mind.

–Todd Sukany 17 Sep 2016

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